Peaceful Pondicherry – Give time a break!

Apart from scintillating sea-beaches and mesmerizing views, Pondicherry is also about the long-lost beautiful French architecture in India! Street-photography straight from the heart of India’s French colony. That’s not all, … Read more

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Street glimpse|Bangalore, India

Here’s a view from one of the most crowded lanes in Bangalore! This beautiful Mosque is located in Chickpet area of Bangalore. This is one of those places one would … Read more

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Video Summary-Durga Puja 2019 | Kolkata

Here’s a reason to be in Kolkata when it’s Durga Puja! Click here to view 15 incredible pictures of Durga Puja, Kolkata. Excited to know more about this grand Indian … Read more

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“Matir bhar” or earthen-cups or “Kulhar”

In the “City of Joy” or Kolkata, India, “matir bhar e cha” is an emotion every bengali safeguards in his/her heart! What we usually have an option for in other … Read more

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The roadside seller – Shivanasamudram, Karnataka, India

Image shot by © Jayant Mandal

This image portrays a road-side toy shop at Shivanasamudram, near Bangalore, India.

The man looks glued to his smartphone while sitting at his shop hoping to make good sale before calling it a day.

Wooden toy shops are a common sight in this region however considering most of the visitors who come from Bangalore to this place on weekends, hardly gaze at these products.

Of course, in the era of Lego, the beauty of wooden toys is fading out and so are the daily bread and butter of these sellers.

Know more about the Shivanasamudram falls here.

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