Be a successful Fashion-Beauty Influencer on Instagram

become a fashion and beauty influencer on Instagram

Become a fashion & beauty influencer – the taste of entrepreneurship

Instagram gets us all the hot and happening topics today and youngsters across the globe are flocking to it to live their passion through this gigantic social media platform. What does it do and how does it help in driving you towards your dreams? What all/how long does it take(s) to gain fame through Instagram? What’s the process to become a fashion and beauty influencer within a short time? Read through this article till the end to have similar questions answered.


Entrepreneurship is the hottest aspiration of the hour. Be it about planning and executing a small business idea to taking it all up by oneself to the doors of success by becoming an influencer, the real taste of success comes along only when one gets through the initial phase of his/her dreams all by self executed planning, dedication and hard work.

Though, it doesn’t happen overnight for obvious reasons however if driven with consistency, the journey may have some initial ups and downs but the destination would be worth all of it. After all, which road to success doesn’t have hiccups?

Becoming an influencer has off late earned the tag of an “ongoing trend” since this field of interest has attracted millions of youngsters globally to pursue their passions and interests either as a full time career or as a side-career.

All it takes is proper planning and execution. One has to plan his/her way out to strategically execute the same in order to make it big. Planning can be in different directions for different people depending upon personal interests but the process of execution decides the pattern r rate of growth and success.


An influencer, as per general meaning, is a person who “influences” the crowd towards a specific trend or topic- be it about reading books, donning the latest fashion wear in the market, ways to beautify through make-up and many more. An influencer does the job of promoting a certain product/field of interest in exchange for fame and wealth.

Instagram – why is it the platform chosen by millions to attain fame? How Instagram helps in reaping profits once someone becomes famous?

Today, the reach of social media is unparalleled. Anyone with a strong content idea, proper and effective planning along with consistency, can make it big towards a strong and successful noticeable presence on social media. The process is simple yet time taking but if started by stepping on the right path with the correct process, it can start yielding desired results over definite time.


Once one has started to gain a firm hold on his/her “followers” count on Instagram and if that’s on the increasing trend, the forthcoming steps to success start unfolding with much more clarity that drives thought processes to bring up enhanced ideas and improves decisiveness for the future.

A successful influencer is approached by several small and big brands, depending upon his/her followers count, area of interest chosen and few other factors, with promotional content relevant to his/her specific field of interest in exchange for monetary benefits.

Instagram acts as an excellent and effective platform to connect influencers to brands provided the formers’ accounts have respectable number of followers and they post regularly with quality content.


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Fashion and beauty are among the most trending areas of interests chosen by many youngsters off late – majorly by girls and ladies to gain followers and try to build a strong profile for brand endorsements.

Successful fashion and beauty influencer

These areas of interests have been driving most of the Instagram influencers to pursue and create content based on flaunting their talent and skills on make-up, beauty product reviews, reviewing latest trending outfits – Indian and western, lip-sync and dance – majorly everything that brings out a sporty, energetic, attractive and appealing version of themselves to garner followers.

How does one become a fashion and beauty influencer?

stay on top of fashion trends
  1. It takes proper planning, strategy, timely execution of the plans and most importantly, patience to gain success as an influencer.
  2. Fashion and beauty go hand-in-hand. Hence, the aspirant must stay up to date on the all the latest fashion trends getting released and the different kinds of beauty products being launched by big and small brands. This would help in staying on top of one’s content creation ideas.
  3. Content creation isn’t an art, in my opinion. There are several tools and free apps available in the iOS and Play Store that enables one to create and design professional looking content – both photos and videos with ease. It just requires little bit of self-exploration and creativity, of course.
  4. For designing amazing photos related to one’s topic, use Canva – available both in website and mobile app versions. Canva, with some limitations, also facilitates creations of smooth and nice professional videos.
  5. For videos, Instagram offers Reels. If that isn’t enough, free apps like InShot can help with simple video edits. For complex tasks, there are several free video editing tools listed here.
  6. Content must be posted regularly and shared on other social media platforms too, like relevant Facebook groups of the similar topic/area of interest, Pinterest pins, related WhatsApp group, etc.
  7. Instagram stories are recommended to be used to highlight the recently posted content so that it reaches almost all the followers and offers maximum visibility to potential followers as well.
  8. Instagram promotions are recommended at least once every month until a decent “following” base gets created. Same(content promotions) could be done through a Facebook page also if one creates it with an identical/related name as of the Instagram account and links to it.
  9. Interactions with followers/profile visitors(potential followers)/commenters(potential followers) are must. All responses to direct messages and relevant comments should be prompt and respectful.
  10. Focus must always be on reaching the maximum users(preferably via Instagram promotions) and converting almost everyone to followers. The more the follower count, higher the chances of getting approached by a brand.
  11. Usage of maximum hashtags relevant to the specific topic of the content, is recommended on every post.
  12. One must follow other influencers of the similar taste and try building connections. Highlighting their content on Instagram stories usually helps build good connects with other influencers pursuing the same field of interest.
  13. Initially, no brands should be differentiated as small and big. Any offers coming along should be embraced for the sake of experience, visibility and growth.
  14. Last but not the least, all content must be of utmost high quality so that they look appealing and sound attractive. Brands usually approach content creators who create regularly with the best quality possible.

Instagram influencing isn’t difficult but just that one has to remember that it’s all about digital marketing in the end. Whoever possesses the capabilities to market a product better, gets to taste success here.

Hope this article was helpful in guiding one to become a successful fashion and beauty influencer.

Below are the profiles of some of the famous Indian female fashion and beauty Instagram influencers who are making it big with their rich content and pure talent:

Heli Daruwala

Meghna Kaur(shetroublemaker)

The Mystery Woman(munmi_gogoiblr)


Navya Ramesh(navyaramesh)

Janhavi Machaiah(janhavimachaiah)

SAYANI PRADHAN(sayani_pradhan)

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