BYE 2 NueFliks web series 2020 cast, crew and roles

BYE 2 web series cast crew actress name

Popular adult web series streaming platform NueFliks has been making news with the success of its super-hit web series BYE 2 starring Shreya Tyagi who has taken everyone by storm with her super erotic performance and bold bed scenes.

BYE 2 web series has been rated 7.9/10 as per IMDB ratings. Here is the link to it.

Cast: Karan(Lover), Shreya Tyagi(Wife)
Director: Tanveer Hashmi
Producer: Yash Thakur
Music: Raja Ali

The super charming actress making news all over who acted in BYE 2 is Shreya Tyagi. She has been a trending search all over the internet since the past few months.

Here’s a link to Shreya’s Instagram account.

Shreya Tyagi did an extremely bold scene in this web series by shedding all her clothes and appearing bare bodied for an intimate and super hot & sexy bed scene. The scene had the actor in his under-wear while Shreya was only in a bra and panty for the first half of the video and without any clothes for the later part of the video.

Below are some screenshots from the web series BYE 2 depicting Shreya Tyagi in an intimate bed scene romancing with the male lead without any clothes on herself. There was another scene as well wherein Shreya was shown taking a shower bare bodied however unfortunately we couldn’t upload those pictures here.

Picture credits completely go to NueFliks but have been collected from different internet sources. Watch BYE 2 to know the entire story.

We congratulate the BYE 2 cast and NueFliks for bringing out such an entertaining piece of web series and wish many more luck to Shreya Tyagi for her future acting career.

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