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Emma Corrin who was nominated for the 2021 Golden Globe award is best known for characterizing Princess Diana in Season-4 of Netflix period drama The Crown. She is an English actress who played contrasting characters in various movies and television series. Let’s read more about Emma Corrin height, wiki, bio, Harry Styles, age, mother and facts below.

Born in Royal Tunbridge Wells in England, Actress Emma-Louise Corrin had developed a keen interest in acting and dance from her youth. Born on 13th December 1995, Emma Corrin studied at Woldingham School in Surrey, which is an all-girls boarding Roman Catholic school.

To pursue a Shakespeare course at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, Corrin took a transitional year along with that she also assisted as a teacher at a school in Knysna which is in South Africa. She left the University of Bristol while studying drama and took admission to St John’s College, Cambridge to study English, Drama, Education, and Art while studying there within three years she acted in 19 theatre productions.

Emma Corrin’s family is from Seal, Kent near Seven oaks, her father Chris Corrin is a businessman and her mother Juliette Corrin is a speech therapist who works in South Africa. Richard and Jonty are her two younger brothers.

Emma Corrin’s age is 26 years as of Feb 2021. Emma Corrin’s height is 5 feet 8 inches. Her zodiac sign is Gemini.

She is famous for “The Crown.”

Relationships and boyfriends:

Her boyfriend is Harry Styles.

Hobbies and interests:

Emma Corrin’s favorite hobby is photography. Her favorite color is black.


Emma Corrin made her screen debut in 2017. She played the role of Mica in the 2017 movie Ceasar which acquired good reviews from viewers.

In 2018 she played the character of Beth in Alex’s dream. In the UK based 2020 movie Misbehavior which received critical acclamation of 6.60/10 from rotten tomatoes, Emma Corrin played Jillian Jessup in the movie. Marion a character played by Emma Corrin too in the movie The Policeman.

She worked in the television series Pennyworth which was her first-ever major role. The series is a prequel to Batman where it shows the younger version of Alfred later who will become a butler of Batman; Corrin played the role of Esme Whitaker, Alfred’s girlfriend in the Pennyworth series.

Another anticipated and appreciated work from her is in the television series The Grantchester in which she depicted the character of Esther Carter.

Emma Corrin in the role of Princess Diana first came to the attention of viewers when she was photographed on the set of The Crown wearing an all-white dress which was inspired by Princess Diana and Prince Charles tour In Australia in 1983. It was stated by many that Corrin and Diana have unearthly resemblance which made her perfect for the role. Emma-Louis Corrin stated in her interview that playing Princess Diana is her first major credit on screen.

The newcomer Actress got nominations for best actress in a drama series by both Critic’s Choice Television Award and Golden Globe Awards. As a best-supporting actress in series along with best female actor in drama series, she got nominated for Satellite Awards and Screen Actors Guild Awards also.

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