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Importance of quality backlinks to a website from authoritative sites

Every blogger’s dream is to achieve a strong domain score or DA(domain authority) or domain rating to rank higher on Google search results and keep up with its competitors. The most important factor of all, that helps securing a strong domain score or domain authority for a website, is the number of backlinks from authoritative sites to that particular blog or website. Let’s know more about backlinks, what roles do they play and how to build quality backlinks for a website.

Backlinks are strong factors that enable a website’s pages to rank higher on Google search results.

A website containing more number of pages having multiple “quality backlinks” from authoritative websites, have much higher chances of ranking in Google and drawing organic traffic compared to other webpages of the same niche without any quality backlinks.

Backlinks are categorized into two types: Do follow and No follow. Read more about these types here.

There are several ways of building backlinks to a website’s pages however all may not effectively boost the Google rankings of those pages. Guest blogging in authoritative websites is one of the most effective ways to build backlinks however is a paid process, most of the time.

Leaving and sharing page links on relevant Facebook groups, Quora answers, promoting via Facebook ads and advertising on other social media platforms are good ways to get backlinks however again, some of these options are paid.

Now let’s find out the best and free method to build quality backlinks to one’s website and that too for free!

This website has a domain score or domain authority of 98! Moreover the best part is, anyone can create a profile and write articles on and build quality backlinks to their website.

The best practice would be to first, create a profile/account on and remain an active member of this website for sometime by following other relevant authors of your niche and interacting on their posts/articles/stories.

Next, write your articles under the “Write a story” section under your profile at the top right. Please ensure to read the policies pertaining to writing content on before that. Any article written on this website that violates any of their policies, shall not be published.

Ensure not to write a complete article but just a brief of one of your published articles/pages to which you want to build backlink. The article on should be short, crisp and informative enough so as to create an idea of the content and drive interest to read it entirely on the original website.

Once done writing the short article in, leave a link to the originally published article/page, which a reader needs to refer to get the complete information.

Thankfully with the amazingly strong domain authority of this website, your article should rank in Google search results within few days to a week thereby driving traffic to your desired page.

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