Ways to make money from blogging at a minimal investment

What is a blog or writing blog posts?

Who wouldn’t want to get paid for pursuing their hobbies/passion? Besides, everyone would always prefer a second source of income apart from their daily jobs, at a minimal/zero investment. As of 2020, 570 million blogs exist in the internet and millions of blog posts are published daily. With the web growing vastly and opening communication channels to newer discoveries, researches and inventions, human interests have also started to branch out into different areas which many pursue as their passion or hobbies and the lucky ones get to pursue as their full time professions. Let’s see in detail on how to earn money from blogging.

With tons of different areas of interests out there, there are innumerable ideas across these too. A person inclined to one such particular area of interest decides to pen down and digitally publish his ideas, opinions and thoughts on that subject via a website which we call a blog.

What is a niche and micro-niche?

Blogs are categorized according to different niches and micro niches. Niche is simply a particular field of interest on which someone decides to write blogs on. Some examples of niches can be, Science and Technology, Mobile Technology, Computers, Movies, Hollywood news, Bollywood news and gossips, TV shows, Pet care, Social Media status and dp, and so on.

A niche can be vast enough to accommodate several micro-niches inside it. For example, under the niche TV shows, one can zero in on a particular TV show and write blogs on. Similarly, under Mobile Technology, one can choose a particular mobile brand as a micro-niche and dedicate his/her website entirely into that. Micro-niches, if selected carefully analyzing the current search trends and public interests, can fetch just the correct audience one intends to target, thereby bringing in conversions and revenue.

As a result of case study on the micro-niche of WhatsApp status stories and display pictures(dp), it has been observed that this category of blogs draw huge organic traffic every day globally.

Ubersuggest is one of the best tools to check which keyword and category draws how much organic traffic and other related useful details.

Refer to the free blogging tutorials here to know more about creating a free blog, writing blogs, getting organic and referral traffic, SEO strategies and earnings from blogs in detail.

How can one earn money from blogging?

There are various ways to make money from blogging.

Generating revenue/earnings from displaying ads:

The traditional way is to generate revenue by displaying ads on one’s website and placing the ad units strategically to acquire more number of clicks.

There are quite a few premium ad publishing companies out there that help in generating decent revenue if one’s website has the required number of incoming traffic at any given point of time in a day.

This link gives a list of some of the best ad publishing companies one can compare and choose to implement in his/her website.

Out of all, Google AdSense is the most liked and trusted ad publishing choice for most of the bloggers and website owners. AdSense provides better security, real time earning reports, a better and detailed user interface, on time payments, responsive as well as customizable ad units for normal blogs and AMP versions both, and above all, the brand name of Google.

Click here to know the process of getting your website approved to show Google AdSense ads.

There are alternatives to Google AdSense as well that many people choose to implement along with AdSense ads. However, displaying a lot of ad units on one’s website can unnecessarily impact user experience and can slowdown overall website speed.

Earnings from Flyout:

One can click here to sign up for Flyout.

Click here for Flyout registration process to get your website approved.

What is Flyout and how can one make money from here?

Flyout will list your blog(if approved after signing up and following the processes mentioned within) as available to other bloggers/content writers who would want to gain backlinks to their website from yours by publishing an article as an author.

For every visitor/author who would want to write and publish their article(s) on your website, Flyout will pay you.

So basically, once your website gets approved, based on your website content and quality of traffic, Flyout assigns a particular price to your website. For every published article by another author via Flyout, you will get paid by the same amount that Flyout has assigned to your website.

This is definitely a cool way of earning because you won’t have to depend entirely on your ads to generate revenue but there’s a third party bringing you content writers and paying you with no efforts from your end.

Earnings from guest posts:

If your website is well established and most of your blogs are uniquely written with useful details and receives quality traffic from across the globe, there may be authors contacting you directly for writing guest posts and articles on your site to gain backlinks for their websites.

This kind of earning can be possible if and only if your website has a strong domain score and has good number of incoming organic traffic. You can charge the authors appropriately for each guest post they write on your website.

Flyout, discussed above is also one of kind of guest post writing but just that you don’t get to decide the price for every guest post.

Earning from Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most common ways of earning money by writing affiliate blogs about products that one would want to sell for any vendor/e-commerce website and earn commissions for every product sold.

This is a very solid way to earn money from blogging since for every blog written to sell a product, generates unlimited revenue(commission) every time a visitor clicks on the link on your affiliate website and purchases a product after landing at the vendor page within a given time frame.

Know more about affiliate marketing in detail from this link.

Earning by writing content for others’ websites:

In case you don’t own a website and yet want to earn, there’s always an option to write content/blogs for others on a particular niche and charging on per word basis.

Earning by selling your own content/promoting your business:

Take your hobby/passion to the next level by promoting your content or setting up a store to sell your own products.

Foe example, there are several well known photographers, travel bloggers and artists who set up online stores on their individual websites to promote their content by targeting interested visitors/customers to trigger sales.

A person who is a travel/nature/wildlife photographer can set up an online store on his website(via WooCommerce, etc.) and put up the best of his/her photographic prints for sale. He/she could easily build up a Facebook page related to the same website content and promote his/her website through Facebook ads to reach the desired audience who would be interested to visit and purchase from that website.

Conclusion: There are several ways to earn money from blogging as discussed above. In case there are any other ways we have missed, please feel free to mention the same in comments. Happy blogging!

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