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For all website creators, content writers and bloggers out there, speed and an error free platform is the need of the hour. No one wants to spend hours fixing tons of Google Search Console errors which in turn would take days and weeks sometimes to reflect if the steps taken to rectify were correct. Amidst all these, there’s only one target above everything which is the search for a free, fast, light weight and AMP compatible theme for WordPress and AdSense.

The search for a fast and compatible yet professional looking WordPress theme still continues because different websites need appropriate themes to display their content.

There are several of these beautiful and responsive themes from different premium vendors across the web however it takes time, understanding and several hours of comparisons between different themes, both paid and unpaid, to finally decide what’s best for one’s website as per the content and niche.

The prime objective of this article is to help make your life a bit easier by helping you zero in on one of the best fast, light weight, responsive and free WordPress themes that goes along extremely good with AMP, Google AdSense and MGid ad units.

There are no compromises when it comes to Google rankings and themes do play a major role in that. The simpler, faster, responsive, less complicated more user friendly one’s website’s theme is, the more are the chances to rank higher in Google search results but of course, there are SEO and other factors as well impacting search rankings and website traffic.

Most of us prefer opting to display the AMP versions of our websites to visitors primarily because of their extremely swift page loads and of course Google’s algorithms crawl, index and rank those web pages/articles quickly on top that take the least time to load with no/minimal web console errors relating to cumulative layout shift and LCP.


Neve is one of the best responsive AMP compatible and fastest themes for WordPress. It supports Google AdSense units as per users’ preferences and can get you as high as 90-100 Google Page Speed Insights score along with AMP. Neve’s free version comes AMP ready.

More information and theme demo on Neve can be found here. One can also download the free version of this amazing theme from this same link.

To get the best website speed results and least page load time with Neve, one has to ensure it is configured properly.

It shouldn’t be loaded with a lot of ad units at several positions nor should there be ad units from multiple ad publishers.

It is recommended to go along with Google AdSense using a plugin for WordPress called Ad Inserter – Ad Manager & AdSense Ads. This plugin can be downloaded from here.

Neve offers a solid yet simple user interface that goes along with most of the website content/niche.

Along with AMP, Neve scores between 90-100 on both mobile and desktop speed results on Google’s Page Speed Insights, provided there’s not much of third party html codes like multiple AdSense/other ad publisher codes in the theme’s header.php file.

Google AdSense ad units for AMP work extremely well along with the Ad Inserter plugin mentioned above. is powered by Neve’s free version. Here’s a glimpse of the overall Google page speed scores below for both the mobile and desktop versions.

In case of any difficulties related to Neve/placing AdSense ad units on AMP sites, feel free to drop a comment below.

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