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All of us want to step out with comfortable outfits and look good while roaming around in public however is being comfortable only limited to the outer outfits? I am sure none of us would want to just look good at the outside but feel suffocated and strangled in the inside due to something that sticks tightly to the breasts as long as one doesn’t have enough privacy and the right time to remove it! Yes, it’s a pair of that stupid bra that clings on to women’s breasts to provide “comfort” and support them while walking outside in public. Let’s look in to some of the benefits of not wearing a bra while being outside, of course ignoring the judgmental eyes around.

The recent lockdown due to the pandemic has definitely made all women let go of their bras and breathe comfortably.

Benefits of not wearing a bra are many, some of those are listed below:

  • It makes you feel lighter and free. No matter how comfortable and branded your bra is, the feeling of something constantly sticking to your chest, takes away your overall comfort.
  • It lets you breathe freely.
  • It reduces chances of skin issues/rashes around and on breasts and nipples.
  • It makes you feel lighter on the outside and lets you be your comfortable self.
  • It improves blood circulation around your breasts.
  • It lets you sleep better.
  • It reduces the chances of breast cancer and other fungal infections due to accumulation of sweat and other body fluids.
  • It reduces chances of breast cancer as well.

To conclude, in order to maintain a healthy pair of breasts, one must start saying no to bras and if not, try and avoid the usage of bras as much as possible.

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