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Not everyday that we get an opportunity to come across someone who is not only multitalented but also a hot beauty with brains who has been gradually taking Instagram with storm off late. Let’s take this moment to introduce this talented hot beauty from Hawaii, United States of America, Jessica Nicholson, who has been slaying it off with her latest hot & sexy bikini pictures on Instagram. Let’s get to read what Jessica had to say upon meeting us online for an exclusive interview…

Interview with ClixGallery | Jessica Nicholson

1.    What drives you, what’s your secret for motivation?

My passion for science drives me. And, I’ve always wanted to be successful enough that I wouldn’t have to depend on anyone and live a life I love!

2.    When is your birth date?

My birthday is April 4

3.    What is your zodiac sign?

I am an Aries

4.    Which city were you born in?

I was born in Idaho, USA. My mother was born in Lahore, Pakistan and was adopted when she was little to the US.

5.    What is your religion?

 I am not religious

6.    Where did you do your schooling from?

I got my bachelors science degree in biology from the University of Idaho, and I am currently working on my PhD in neuroscience from the University of Hawaii.

7.    Ever did a night camping? If so, which place?

 I have been camping more times than I can count all over the Pacific Northwest.

8.    Where are you residing presently?

I am located in Hawaii!

9.  Have you taken part in any modeling contest in your school/college days?

No I haven’t.

10.  How did the idea of becoming an Instagram influencer strike your mind?

I don’t consider myself an influencer. I do enjoy sharing beautiful photos with people!

11.  Do you do any paid promotions on Instagram?

No I don’t

12.  Are you in any relationship/single?

I am single

13.  Do you believe in destiny?

I do not believe in destiny.

14.  What are your eye and hair colors?

I have brown hair and brown eyes

15.  What is your figure size?

I am 5’3, 105 pounds

16.  What is your favorite web series on Netflix/Prime Video?

I LOVE New Girl, which is currently on Netflix

17.  Who is your role model in life?

I don’t really have a role model.

18.  Ever done a bikini ramp-walk in college/school?


19.  Do you drink and smoke?

I socially drink

20.  What are your future plans? Want to work in Hollywood/TV?

After getting my PhD in neuroscience I will be getting a job in industry, doing biomedical research on neurodegenerative disorders.

21.  Have you worked on any YouTube music videos/web series or have similar plans in the future?

No and no

22.  Would you want to work in any adult web series if given an opportunity?


23.  What turns you on?

Intelligence, humor, and wit

24.  How do you maintain such a slim and hot bikini figure?

I have a good metabolism

25.  How do you maintain such a beautiful glowing skin all the time?

I don’t. Wearing a mask 24/7 has caused my skin, which used to be clear, to break out very badly

26. Which has been your best and memorable travel destination till now?

 I would really like to visit Santorini, Greece

27. Which all countries have you traveled to?

I’ve only been inside the US

28. Do beaches attract you more or mountains?

Beaches, mountains are cool too though. Thankfully Hawaii has both

29. You love traveling solo or in groups?

Group travel is more safe!

30. Are you still studying or working at present?

I am a full time graduate assistant

We must say Jessica’s responses to our questions were highly intellectual and innovative! High five on that Jessica!!

Even though she loves flaunting her awesome & sexy bikini figure and bikini wears on Instagram on which her followers go gaga, she chose to stay humble during our entire conversation. We were flattered by the fact that she remained so patient while taking time to write the answers for us.

Presently the likes of Charli D’amelio, Dixie D’amelio and Addison Rae are making headlines in the world of entertainment in the United States of America but there are several other upcoming talents also, who get unnoticed and overshadowed. Jessica presently has 1.8k followers on Instagram as on Nov 2020 that continues to grow every day.

She also maintains another website wherein she uploads her latest unique pictures and makes those available for her fans and followers at nominal prices. One can check it out here.

We wish Jessica Nicholson a very bright future and good luck for her career with neuroscience! Hope to meet again!

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