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We often remain so engrossed with the latest Bollywood gossips and news around us that we often tend to unknowingly ignore some unique and talented personalities around us. One such popular lady we got the opportunity to interview with is, Shreshtha Missra who also loves to be addressed as “मोजितो मिश्रा” as per her Instagram name! Let’s take a sneak peak into the latest happenings in Shreshtha’s life by reading out from the exciting responses given by Shreshtha Missra as part of her interview with ClixGallery.

Being married to a defense personnel, Shreshtha gets to travel all across India. By this itself we can get a hint about how exciting her life sounds like! Lets’ scroll down through the interview and get to know her well!

Shreshtha Missra Interview | ClixGallery

1.    What drives you, what’s your secret for motivation?

I drive secret to times I am so low that I don’t even feel like getting up..and that feeling of failing at my own will drives me to get up and take on the world(my little world to begin with)

2.    When is your birth date?

Its 19th sept 1989 (now you are calculating my age, aren’t you?)

3.    What is your zodiac sign?

Virgo the perfectionist

4.    Which Indian city were you born in?

Patiala (Punjab, India)

5.    What is your religion?


6.    What is your mom and dad’s name? Any siblings?

Dad – Shri Samir Kumar Mukherjee and Mom – Shrimati Sima sister, Barsha Mukherjee.

7.    Where did you do your schooling from?

I did my schooling from various cities, towns and villages since my father was in the long list short, began schooling from Ambala(Haryana) finished Jodhpur(Rajasthan).

8.    Have you completed your education?

Yes, I have master’s in English Literature.

9.    Where are you residing presently?

Bathinda (Punjab)

10. Are you in any relationship/single/married?


11.  Have you taken part in any modeling contest in your school/college days?

No, never got a chance to..never thought I can do that.

12.  How did the idea of becoming an Instagram influencer strike your mind?

It never did actually..I simply kept on posting whatever tickled my fancy and people came along as followers..

13.  Do you do any paid promotions on Instagram?

Yes, I do..but not many as I would like to do.. haven’t been approached by brands that I would like 

14.  Do you believe in destiny?

Yes, a lot

15.  What are your eye and hair colors?


16.  What is your figure size?


17. How do you maintain such a slim and hot figure?

Well not that difficult to maintain a regular built like mine..just some light workout and keeping an eye on what I am eating on a daily basis..healthy living and healthy & clean eating is the key.

18.  How do you maintain such a beautiful glowing skin all the time?

Water and fruits

19. Are you fond of photography and traveling?

Oh! yes.. travelling any given time and photography is its by product..don’t you agree?

20. Which has been your best and unforgettable travel experience so far?

My trip to Leh(India) is the most memorable trip of my life..the grandeur of those mighty mountains educated me on how small we are and how frivolous are the little hiccups of life where we sweat and get stuck..we must keep going on and stand tall!

21. Which is your favorite travel destination you haven’t traveled?

That would be Italy

22. Do you plan to start your own travel/photo blog website in future?

No, I am happy with my little Instagram.

23.  What is your favorite color?

I love colors..all happy and bright.. and more than colors, I love bling.

24.  Who are your favorite actors and actresses?

No one really..not a movie buff

25.  What is your favorite web series on Netflix/Prime Video?

Not favorite like repeating them but I really liked The Crown( Netflix) Outlander (Netflix) Flea bag(Amazon prime) and few more of the sort

26.  Which is your favorite movie?

Well if I have to give one then it has to be The Notting Hill and The Iron Lady

27.  Who is your role model in life?

No one I said earlier, I drive myself..I steer to directions I choose.

28.  What are your hobbies?


29.  Do you drink and smoke?


30.  What are your future plans in life?

To prepare for UPSC

31.  Have you worked on any YouTube music videos/web series or have similar plans in the future?

No and Yes

32.  What turns you on?

Combination of funny bones and gravity at the same time.

33. Any message for our readers?

My message would be to listen to yourself..set goals and get on them to reach there..remember a life without challenges is just a reel life not real life.

34. Any secret fantasies that you would want to share?

To be able to have a little cozy restaurant to my name.

That’s all from the interview point of view. However let’s take a sneak peek into some of the brilliant pictures Shreshtha has clicked during her travel times!

ClixGallery team wishes Shreshtha a wonderful life ahead and may she achieve all her dreams some day soon! We would love to re-unite again with you, dear happy soul!!!

One again, thank you Shreshtha Missra for taking out time to interview with ClixGallery!

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