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hot Indian bikini girls

Bikini models are the latest Instagram trends and one can find them almost everywhere while exploring the search option in the app. There are several Instagram pages featuring some of the best & handpicked hot Indian bikini girls irrespective of slim or plus size however this article focuses on showing off some of the best Indian bikini girls on Instagram and their search trends from different parts of the world.

Getting a perfect bikini body with perfectly toned curves is still a dream come true for many Indian models and girls. These Instagram bikini models/travel bloggers/influencers with such perfect bikini bodies come to their rescue in terms of motivation.

Bikini models or bikini models’ photographs, slim bikini models, hot & sexy bikini models, plus size bikini models, bikini models HD wallpapers etc. are some of the most frequently searched queries/keywords on the internet related to Indian bikini models.

Below is a snapshot from Google Trends depicting the search trends globally for the word “bikini models“.

Overall Trend

Country wise:

The query “bikini girls” are most searched compared to “bikini models” in the US as well as worldwide. Let’s take a look below from Google Trends data over the time:

That is probably because people(mostly men) prefer searching for bikini “girls” since no one would obviously want to see men(models) clad in bikini! So, as per the psychological and sexual desire, users mostly end up searching for “bikini girls” more.

The same trend follows if we check for the keywords “Indian bikini girls” vs “Indian bikini models” in India.

That’s Jinal Joshi below flaunting her perfectly curved and toned bikini body. Isn’t she just too hot?

Jinal Joshi flaunting her perfectly curved bikini body
Jinal Joshi lying down on bed clad in a hot and sexy bikini set

Now since Indian bikini girls are in so much trend these days, almost every upcoming Instagram model from India would want to follow the western trend and upload at least one picture of her clad in a pair of bikini so as to match up with the rest of the glamour girls on Instagram.

They want to trend too. These girls or so called “influencers” or “Instagram models” or “Instagram fashion models” are mostly eager to seek attention or to get noticed – probably by some major film/web series/media personality who would offer them a role in any web series or they might suddenly get cited by a major brand who would approach them for paid promotions. And there’s nothing wrong in that because in the end of the day all that counts is your fame earned in the right way through your efforts!

Not only do the Instagram models(girls) prefer flaunting their curves in bikinis but there are also these travel bloggers/fashion bloggers who would sometimes post an image or two on Instagram, wearing a pair of bikini.

With the ever growing number of these hot Indian Instagram models or bikini girls, there have been an increase in the number of Instagram accounts featuring them.

There are several Instagram accounts run anonymously that feature some of the hottest Indian bikini girls from different parts of the country/world to garner a big follower-base.

The images shown in this article have been embedded from one such amazing Instagram account that features some of the best Indian bikini girls from around the world.

Follow modelss_hubbb to get a glance on some of the hottest Indian bikini girls on Instagram.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ones featured in this account.

The above bikini model poses in a while super sexy bikini set flaunting her perfect curves.

The above model looks terrifically hot donning a super thin and sexy yellow and black bikini set. She sits for the camera in an appealing style that can totally mesmerize anyone.

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