Surabhi-Samriddhi_Chinki-Minki flaunt their hot-sexy figures

Surabhi Samriddhi also best known as Chinki Minki, have been setting the internet on fire by their recent hot and sexy videos and pictures! After garnering 4.3 million followers(as on Oct 2020), they just can’t keep calm anymore!! Let’s take a look at the recent Surabhi-Samriddhi_Chinki-Minki hot and sexy pictures from their collective Instagram account.

Chinki Minki are everywhere – from the latest Bollwood gossips to the latest Bollywood news! They gained fame from posting hot and sexy dance and lip sync videos on banned and popular media platform app TikTok.

Later they went viral for their hot and sexy moves and were called and featured in The Kapil Sharma Show.

Below is a video from their dance cover on the famous Bollywood song Baarish:

They are mostly searched in Google for their adorably cute looks and hot dance appearances in seductive outfits.

Chinki-Minki also co-own their self-titled YouTube channel where they have crossed 881k subscribers with just 61 videos! They mainly upload videos related to lifestyle, fashion, dance, shopping, make-up and music videos.

Damn! Those were some really hot and sexy moves!!

Surabhi-Samriddhi_Chinki-Minki has been trending in the latest gossips of Bollywood ever since they went viral through TikTok. Even though TikTok doesn’t exist in India anymore, however Chinki Minki still continue to trend due to their hot dancing and acting videos on Instagram and YouTube.

Most of the pictures that Surabhi-Samriddhi upload on Instagram are in hot western wear flaunting their hot curves, perfect figure and super toned legs! Their fans really go gaga over the content they post on Instagram. Scrolling down their feed, we could hardly spot them in Indian traditional clothes but can see them traditional clothes of Europe though! Just kidding, both of them can pull off any outfit just perfectly!

Chinki-Minki stand out for their style quotient too.

Their immensely terrific fashion sense not only makes them stand out from the rest but also sets them as examples to look up to! On a lighter note, if made legal, anyone would want to install a whatsapp hacker in their phones just to take a sneak peak of the fashion and shopping ideas they exchange with others! Just kidding, that’s cyber crime BTW!!

Talking of make-up, what goes missing in their pictures quite often is the use of colorful eyeliners. One can hardly spot Chinki-Minki applying colorful eyeliner and making a hot dance video. However despite that, they just know the right way to keep their fans and followers engrossed!

Surabhi-Samriddhi_Chinki-Minki are also known for their mischievous and funny conversations much like confusing riddles!

Let’s take a look at some of the latest hot pictures of Chinki-Minki from their Instagram account. Scrolling down their Instagram feed is no less than watching a sexually erotic movie – men will get this!

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