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Mishti Basu hot sexy

We remain so much engrossed with the latest Bollywood news and the latest gossips of Bollywood that we often overlook or tend to ignore the real talents silently climbing up the stairs to fame and success. We got the golden opportunity to interview one such upcoming talent who not only has garnered over 250k followers on Instagram but has also marked her territory in the world of web series by acting in her debut web series titled MUSE, launched by popular OTT platform HotShots. Let’s take this opportunity to introduce glamor queen, hot and popular Instagram model Mishti Basu who not only has impressed thousands with her hot, sexy and charming appeal but also happens to be a super fit model and a fabulous actor too!

On a lighter note, Mishti Basu is the perfect example of when we indicate “marry someone who can be both“.

Keeping jokes aside and moving ahead with the interview, we must say we were fortunate enough to have some piece of time out of the super-hectic schedule of Mishti.

Startled with her superbly sexy and sensuous acting in MUSE, we indeed had a lot to ask her about her recent life and career however for the interest of her time, we had to cut short only to the most important questions.

Let’s take a look at the interview questions below and the answers(unedited) chosen by Mishti. She had been candid enough in almost all her answers!

Interview with ClixGallery® – Mishti Basu

  1. What drives you, what’s your secret for motivation?

    Well my Motivation it’s me. Because I believe in self motivation. Everyday trying to change yourself and urge to being new version of yourself is itself a big motivation.

  2. We read somewhere that you did engineering, so was that you had modeling as a career from an early age or you decided to become one after your engineering? What inspired you to become a model?

    Actually nothing was planned. I started by clicking random pictures. I got very good response. So I thought of let’s give it a try. And always I had some weakness for becoming a celebrity figure. So started rigorously.

  3. What were the issues/challenges that you faced when you put your first step to modeling?

    That’s posing and expression. People used to tell me I have sharp features. But it needs practice while posing. Only features can’t help you.

  4. Did you start modeling with Instagram itself or from any external agency?

    Yes Instagram only as a freelance model.

  5. What would you consider as your first turning point in modeling career?

    A friend of mine who used to click me during college days. And I found it very interesting and also very much expressive way to start my career into this.

  6. Later as you got more into bold modeling, did you face any challenges? From family/friends/outside?

    I have faced yes. Because in our country boldness is a big question for a mediocre girl. But at the same time my parents are so supportive. so nothing is beyond than them to me. I slayed it  

  7. We know that you have been getting a lot of love and support from your Instagram followers whenever you post any story/questions, why don’t you come live more often?

    Well whenever I feel I have to interact or I have to pass on some good messages to my fam I do. it’s nothing purposely.

  8. You had started a website with your premium pictures and videos, is that doing well?

    Well I stopped it.

  9. There was news that many of your professionally shot bold pictures and videos have been leaked on the internet, what do you want to say about that?

    I have no comments on this. Thanks for asking.

  10. What do you do to keep such a glowing skin all the time?

    I do take care myself and pamper myself a lot. I don’t use artificial products. It’s all about my fitness journey. I have learned loads of things during lockdown  

  11. What do you do to keep your figure so slim and fit?

    Well intense workout and dieting is my fitness key.

  12. What turns you on?

    Intelligent mind and good conversation.

  13. Are you single or in a relationship?

    No personal questions please.

  14. Which all major modeling assignments have you worked on before this web-series?

    Worked for Clovia, zivame and lansenza. Also done some work for la fiesta magazine and more.

  15. Congratulations on your recent performance on the web series, we really loved it! Your sensuality was very well expressed through your acting. You have become a master! Since this was your first professionally shot video where you had to shed clothes, how comfortable were you doing the shots?

    Thanks a lot. So it wasn’t first professional video shot to me. Because during modeling I have done many. But yes it was my first appearance as an actor in front of the camera. I didn’t feel uncomfortable. Because I am very much confident about my body. And more of all people around me were too good. They were so supportive and caring.

  16. Any major upcoming projects in your acting/modeling career you want to share with our readers?

    Major projects well I love my all work. I personally believe nothing is small and big. How you explore and learn from every projects that’s important part.

  17. Last but not the least, now that you have already started climbing the stairs to fame and success, what do you aspire to become in the future?

    I believe in Fame. I don’t want to copy. I want my identity not only as model but also as an good actress. I love my family. I want to achieve that fame for which I have been seeking since long.

Mishti Basu is presently at her hometown in West Bengal, India enjoying Durga Puja 2020 with her family.

ClixGallery® family wishes you a ton of luck and best regards for your future endeavors!!! Keep rocking Mishti Basu and we expect to see you soon back with a bang with another web series or in Bollywood!!!

Let’s connect again soon!

Mishti Basu hot sexy
Mishti Basu hot sexy

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  1. these are all fake people. initially she had named herself mishti basu now she is pallavi. i dont consider bold scenes to be bad but these people have done nothing and making their audience fools.

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