Karishma Tanna goes viral with her images in hot & sexy bra

Karishma Tanna in bra bikini

Yes, absolutely the above picture of gorgeous Bollywood actress Karishma Tanna, donning just a white shirt revealing her enchanting beauty, is super seducing and so are her other pictures clad in just a bra looking super hot on Instagram. Karishma Tanna has taken the internet by storm by posting some of her recent hot and sexy pictures on Instagram wearing bra! Let’s take a look, shall we?

Karishma Tanna just seems unstoppable as she continues to keep her fans and followers enthralled with her super hot and sexy images on Instagram as she recently crossed 5.5 million followers! Now that’s big!!

Karishma Tanna was a hot topic among Bollywood gossips and the latest Bollywood news after the release of superhit Bollywood movie Sanju wherein she was referred to as the hot “ghapaghap” girl following a scene in the movie wherein the character she played, slept and had sex (apparently) with her boyfriend’s friend (played by Ranbir Kapoor) since the former passed out in bed before making out with her hot girlfriend!

Now, someone has to be a super loser in order to miss out on a chance with a hottie like her! Just look at her below, total fire!!!

That’s from the popular “ghapaghap” scene we just mentioned above!

Karishma Tanna flaunts her perfect bikini body and her sexy curves and legs in the above image, clad in a sexy set of black bikini!

Karishma Tanna flaunts her sexy curves in a bold swimsuit!

Let’s take a look at the hottest pictures of Karishma Tanna below donning hot and sexy bra:

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