The fantasy of wife swapping in couples & its consequences

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Sexual desires can often get weirder or wilder at the same time and moreover with the increased exposure of social media and internet and its drastic impact on us, our fantasies are getting more dramatic! We are not sure though, if it’s for the better or the worse. One such fantasy is wife swapping, that is gaining popularity and it does have some sweet and bitter consequences that are being experienced by many couples today; let’s discuss some of it in detail below.

While most of the online “web series” are totally focused on broadcasting sexually explicit content, we hardly even bother to self analyze whether all of it makes any sense or watching one episode of such series just for temporary pleasure, is impacting our minds for good or worse.

Human minds, at the end of the day, tries to imbibe what they like. From the crazy fantasy of a child becoming a superhero after watching one such movie to a couple thinking of trying the “partner swap” fantasy they just watched in an online streaming platform, our minds take it all and we often fall prey to such desires.

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There’s no doubt that most of the online streamed content, apart from some well known ones, are focused mainly on drawing more number of views by streaming sensitive sexual content with certain limitations of course.

There’s always the “age restriction/warning” that’s shown at the beginning but honestly, not many of us take it seriously.

Sexually explicit drama promoting sex and newer fantasies among couples are gaining popularity these days. Partner swap is one such topic these so called web series telecast more often.

In such shows, it is openly shown how two or more couples engage among themselves in having sex with each other’s partners. The focus of course is on nudity but the way wife swapping is shown, it induces the weird urge or fantasy among many men to try the same in their personal lives.

Not only do these web series promote disloyalty among couples, but it also portrays how low a script can stoop to attract viewership.

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Sexually explicit content has always been a prime focus of the entertainment industry.

Due to censor board certifications, most of the Bollywood movies couldn’t show frontal nudity however with the launch of several online streaming platforms these days, it has become easier to deliver sexual content and nudity to the desiring audience without any hiccups.

Partner swapping or wife swapping as shown in these streaming media platforms, might seem attractive and desirable to watch however it is to be kept in mind that these are just for temporary entertainment and not to be implemented in real lives.

No normal married relationship can function happily if out of any sexual desire, one partner requests the other to have sex with someone else!

Even if he/she agrees for once, it can turn out to be a momentary pleasure experiencing such activities however on the long run, it can grow into an everlasting dangerous desire of lust which can lead to jealousy and disloyalty and eventually separation.

There have been many instances wherein the husband would want his wife to get a nice body massage from another guy in abroad while on honeymoon while he would watch or masturbate to the sight of it.

This can be unexplainably pleasurable for the time being but later can lead to a lot of complications in one’s married life. Such weird pleasures drastically take ugly turns in lives that one can’t see coming his/her way!

Apart from the latest Bollywood gossip and talks on the latest Bollywood movies, the media should also focus on these sexually explicit content that are driving newly wed people to try out weirder things with their married lives just for pleasure.

The fantasy of wife swapping for pleasure may have some serious consequences later in one’s married life!

There have been many scenarios in the past globally that indicate wife swapping does happen for real. One can dive in to Quora for many related articles to wife swapping in India and the rest of the world.

It is not known whether wife swapping in India is practiced openly or in the hidden but many reports across the internet suggest that this activity does take place. Reportedly a formal party is organized wherein the husbands meet first and the rules for this activity are laid down and explained to them.

Later, the wives meet and invest in organizing a party to take this activity forward.

This is one perverted activity and the online streaming media should be penalized/limited for broadcasting shows related to wife swap/partner swap and threesome sex that promote disloyalty for mere sexual satisfaction.

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