Ravi Chouhan(social media star) bio, career, age, girlfriend, facts

Ravi Chouhan is all set to become one of the most popular faces in the social media entertainment platform after the huge success of his recent music video that went viral like wildfire! Let’s take a detailed look into the life of Ravi Chouhan and know more about his girlfriend, bio, career and more facts below!

Amidst all the ongoing Bollywood celebrity gossips around and people searching more on the latest Bollywood movies on Google, Ravi has been silently climbing the stairs to success rapidly as is evident from his increasing fanbase on Instagram and the enormous views he got on his YouTube videos.

He started his Instagram journey on Feb 2016 and has already garnered over 16.7K followers as on Oct 2020. That’s quite a lot in such a short span of time! Way to go champ!

Let’s know more about Ravi Chouhan bio, career and other facts below…

Social Media statistics:

PlatformNo. of posts/contentFollowers
YouTube430k+(reportedly as on Sep 2020)

Looking at the above statistics, one can easily foresee that Ravi Chouhan is all set to become a prominent name in the social media entertainment platforms very soon! Just wait and watch…

Personal life & Family:

Ravi Chouhan has decided to reveal selected details about his family however we managed to get some time out of his busy schedule to collect the below information:

Place of birthIndore, Madhya Pradesh, India
Date of BirthN/A
FamilyNot revealed
Height6 feet
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack

We shall update more details on these topics as and when available.


Ravi Chouhan has been dating popular social media influencer and YouTuber Divyanshi Vaidhy.

One can scroll down Ravi’s and Divyanshi’s Instagram profiles to take a glance on their pictures together.

They both have also been spotted in several YouTube creators’ parties as well.

Ravi and Divyanshi have together starred in a couple of superhit YouTube music videos. We shall talk more about these videos below.


Ravi Chouhan has been making it really big off late with his recent YouTube videos that got unbelievably huge views within few days of its release. That’s how crazy a fan following Ravi has got!!

Ravi’s latest YouTube music video titled Ishare Tere Karti Nigah | Feelings was launched on 20 Sep 2020 and it already managed to cross 37.5k views in a span of just two weeks! Damn, that was something we didn’t see coming!

Watch his latest YouTube video here:

Besides the above one, Ravi had launched another music video titled Dil Tod Ke | Hasti Ho Mera on 13th Aug 2020 that has recorded a whopping 139k views in less than two months!! Watch it below:

Recording such high number of views in such short time and that too with merely four videos, is totally a superb achievement one can only dream of! Ravi Chouhan is soon going to be a hot topic of Bollywood gossip in the near future!

Talking about his Instagram family, Ravi Chouhan also does paid endorsements there. He mostly collaborates with advertisers and promotes fashion products. Quite of an influencer he is!

With his dashing personality, superb energy and looks, Ravi Chouhan has come a long way entertaining his fans with his splendid acting skills on YouTube and Instagram. We hope to see more coming off this young talent in the near future and hopefully see him on the silver screen soon!!

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