Avneet Kaur glows in hot & bold lavender outfit-Instagram

Avneet Kaur has been off late driving her fans crazy over her fashion game which she carries off just perfectly! She has already garnered a humongous fan base of 13.9 million in Instagram which just keeps growing bigger! Let’s take a look at the recent pictures of Avneet Kaur in her hot and bold avatar!

Avneet Kaur is indeed synonymous to “hotness and boldness” as is evident from the above images.

She exposes her hot and perfectly toned legs, especially her thighs in the above images, while she wears a lavender outfit – probably a crop shirt and an extra short-skirt of the same color.

Avneet Kaur looks fabulous in her new hot and bold avatar in the above images wherein she tops up her lavender look by a purple hairband.

She received 951k likes and 10.4k comments on these images as on 29th Sep 2020. That shows how crazy fan following she has got!

Previously, Avneet Kaur posted a hot dance video clad in the same outfit wherein she appears in a sexy tank top at the beginning of it but transitions to this lavender outfit for the rest of the video!

She definitely got some killer and hot dance moves! Let’s take a look at the video below.

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