Payal Ghosh turns the heat on with her hot & sexy posts

Payal Ghosh is off-late becoming one of the most famous internet sensations around mostly through her latest social media updates and pictures. Let’s view some of the latest Payal Ghosh hot and sexy pictures below.

Payal Ghosh was born on 13 November 1989 in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. She is into modeling and acting since 2008- present.

In September 2020, Payal Ghosh accused Anurag Kashyap of sexually harassing her to which Mr. Kashyap denied all allegations and called those as baseless.

Payal studied at St. Paul’s Mission School in Kolkata and graduated in Political Science Honors from the Scottish Church College, Kolkata. 

Currently, she is staying and working in Mumbai.

Let’s view some of the latest Payal Ghosh hot and sexy pictures below.

Payal Ghosh flaunts her perfectly toned thighs in the above image as she poses in a white shirt and a pair of tight hot pants.

She has got an adorable smile!

Payal Ghosh turns on the heat with the above image wherein she is seen in a checked mini-skirt exposing her hot legs wearing a pair of stilettos and a black top.

Payal Ghosh throws off a sexy and stylish pose at the camera holding a DSLR with a sensuous expression.

She is seen clad in a Pink blazer and a leopard printed bra and matching stilettos.

Payal Ghosh raises the mercury in the above image showing off her perfectly toned legs wearing a sexy dungaree.

Payal Ghosh looks stunningly hot and sexy in the above image as she exposes her printed bra wearing a pink jacket and a matching pair of sandals.

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