Ankita Dave turns on the heat with her hot & sexy posts

India’s upcoming sensation Ankita Dave, is mostly known for her glamorous hot videos and images on the internet and in the web series’ world. Let’s take a look at some of Ankita Dave hot and sexy images from Instagram.

She has already garnered a whopping fan base of 1.6 million followers on Instagram as on September 22, 2020.

Ankita Dave was born on 3 June(year not revealed) in Gujarat, India. She has a younger brother named Gautam Dave.

Let’s take a look at some of Ankita Dave‘s sensuous images from Instagram.

Ankita Dave captioned the above image as “Still here”.

She is seen wearing an orange blazer and a dark green push-up bra beneath it. She indeed is stunningly hot!

Ankita Dave lies down on the couch in a dark green full-sleeved swimsuit.

Ankita Dave shows-off her perfectly toned legs and beautiful curves in the above image!

Ankita Dave flaunts her sexy curves clad in black push-up bra and tight hot pants with a white jacket.

Ankita Dave looks stunningly hot in the above image dressed in black push-up bra and shot skirt.

Ankita Dave flaunts her perfectly curved and hot bikini body in an orange bra and tight black hot pants coupled with a light green jacket.

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