Addison Rae looks glamorous in orange & blue!

Addison Rae uploaded three lovely photographs on 21st Sep 2020 on her Instagram account. Let’s take a look at the latest Addison Rae glamorous look from her Instagram account.

She is seen wearing a pair of blue denims and a cute lovely orange crop-top with a pair of sports shoes holding a skate-board.

She aptly captioned her post as “not a poser, just posing”.

In the last image, she is seen throwing a funny pose at the camera with her tongue out and head tilted!

In the middle image, Addison Rae flaunts her perfectly curved back portion of her body.

It won’t be right if said that her shoes’ design and color match with her sling bag but indeed they do have slight resemblences.

Not sure if she had a great time with that skate-board however it did add up as a charming subject to the images.

On September 12, Addison Rae excitedly posted the above set of images revealing that she is going to be cast in the upcoming Hollywood movie HE’S ALL THAT which happens to be the remake of one of her all time favorite movies – SHE’S ALL THAT!

This movie happens to be her acting debut in Hollywood!

We can’t wait more to see Addison Rae in the big screen!! Addison Rae is surely going to nail her glamorous look in Hollywood!!

Besides her debut movie and music videos, she has kept her selfie game going strong on Instagram. She has already garnered a whopping fan base of 28.1 million followers as on Sep 2020 and counting.

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