Nisha Guragain comes back after viral MMS with hot posts

Nisha Guragain made news in June after a viral obscene MMS video made rounds on social media and gave opportunities to vloggers and bloggers to write about. Let’s view Nisha Guragain hot sexy images below.

She came live on her Instagram handle twice before her fans and followers to clarify more on the video and herself.

Nisha, however has not spoken anything on the viral MMS video controversy officially on any of her social media handles including Twitter and Instagram.

So, the fact whether it was Nisha Guragain in that viral video or not, still remains a mystery.

Nisha slowly came back to her normal self and started to regain activity on social media, especially Instagram.

Post the ban on TikTok by the Indian govt., many TikTokers are moving to Reels by Instagram to showcase their lip-sync skills.

Nisha Guragain is mostly being seen uploading her photoshoot images on Instagram off-late, good to see that she has moved on from the viral MMS video controversy.

Let’s take a look at Nisha Guragain latest hot & sexy photoshoots from her Instagram handle.

Nisha Guragain looks adorable in the above image clad in a white top and mini-skirt.

Nisha Guragain looks pretty in this white dress and a black belt with brown-dyed hair in the above image.

Nisha Guragain raises the heat in the above image in a one-piece dress flaunting her hot and perfectly toned legs.

Nisha Guragain proudly flaunts her flawless back.

Nisha Guragain looks ecstatic in the above image clad in a black lower-see-through gown-dress posing in front of the camera.

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