11 times Shirley Setia wooed with hot sexy looks | Instagram

Popular YouTube singing sensation Shirley Setia is all set to put the internet on fire with her hottest pictures on Instagram. Let’s take a look at Shirley Setia hot sexy images below.

Shirley Setia has been all around after the huge success of her Netflix series Maska also starring Manisha Koirala and Prit Kamani.

She hails from from Auckland, New Zealand and is making her Bollywood film debut shortly with Nikamma.

She was born on 2 July 1995 and is presently 25 years old.

Below is a link to view her latest pictures from her official website’s gallery.

Off late she has been posting some really sensuous and hot pictures on her Instagram account that are super-cute at the same time.

Shirley Setia has already garnered a huge fan base of 6.4 million followers on Instagram as on Jul 2020. Let’s view some of her hottest pictures on Instagram.

Shirley Setia poses sensually in a floral printed sexy crop top and a black pair of pants while giving the most seductive looks ever! Shirley Setia not only looks hot in the above image but looks cute with her short light-brown dyed hair.

Shirley Setia confidently poses in front of the camera in a faded blue jeans hot pants and white shoes while donning a full-sleeved top.

Shirley Setia is seen exposing her perfectly toned hot legs in the above image while throwing a refreshing smile for her fans. The reddish-pink glow in her face is just out of this world!

Shirley Setia strikes a super cute duck faced pout while wearing a black floral printed one-piece dress with untied hair as always.

She looks super hot as well since she exposes her hot toned legs wearing a pair of white shoes. She is a beauty beyond description.

Shirley Setia, in the above image, is seen sporting a red floral one-piece dress and a pair of white shoes coupled with her ever green smile. One can’t simply take his eyes off this image considering the sensual appeal of her hot legs while she sits cross-legged!

Shirley Setia proudly flaunts her hot legs and figure in the above image.

Shirley Setia is seen wearing a pair of hot pants and a blue sexy bra while drawing her jacket down off her arms throwing the most sensual look she ever has before. One can’t simply take his eyes off her hot legs and perfect curves!

Shirley Setia throws her ever green fresh smile with a gorgeous glow in her face in the above image.

Her untied hair adds an extra level of beauty to the above image while she poses in a super-hot crawl position in front of the camera.

The above image is Shirley Setia’s one of the hottest photoshoots till date.

She poses in a purple bra tied to her body with a knot and a pair of blue jeans sitting on a chair with one of her arms on her head, throwing an innocent smile to the camera.

She indeed raises the mercury in the above image and anyone who takes a first glance at this picture can’t just scroll down easily!

Shirley Setia poses in a off-shoulder dress throwing a sensuous look to the camera.

Shirley Setiav dons a super sexy one-piece dress coupled with a jeans jacket and a pair of white shoes.

She flaunts her perfect curves in the hottest manner possible.

Shirley Setia flaunts her hot legs yet again raising the temperature around.

Short skirts and crop tops just add on to her perfect beauty.

Shirley Setia strikes a super hot pose in the above image donning a black jacket and a mini-skirt taking the sensuality of this image to higher levels.

Shirley Setia recently is seen chilling inside a pool and the sea in the background. Such a mesmerizing picture of her! She definitely looks hot in the swimwear she is wearing.

Shirley Setia recently posted the below hot images on Instagram where she looks no less than a glamorous diva!

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