5 times Amulya Rattan wooed with her cute, charming looks

TikTok and social media sensation Amulya Rattan has been swaying her fans and followers off late with her super-cute and charming looks on Instagram. Let’s view Amulya Rattan cute and charming pictures below.

The TikTok star recently turned 16 and celebrated her birthday with friends and family amid the ongoing lockdown.

Amulya Rattan has already acquired 1.6 million followers on Instagram as on Nov 2020.

Let’s view some of her cutest and the most charming pictures on Instagram.

Amulya Rattan is seen posing from inside a Jeep wearing a cute top and a pair of hot pants with flip-flops.

She is seen smiling in the next one(swipe next) and ends it with a cute pout.

Amulya Rattan poses in a black-printed sleeveless crop top and a pair of hot-pants donning minimum ornaments.

Her sun-glasses, designer purse and a super-cool pair of shoes add an extra appeal to her style statement.

Amulya Rattan poses at the lawn at her residence throwing a funny smiling face in the first image. She is seen wearing a dark green top and a pair of hot pants.

The second image(swipe next) is more of Amulya’s style statement where she tries hard to throw a sensuous appeal through her eyes.

Amulya Rattan is seen chilling on a rock while she strikes a pose in a blue one-piece dress and a pair of black sandals.

Her untied hair add on to her super-cute looks in the above image.

Amulya Rattan poses with a funny and cute expression while unboxing a make-up set sent to her for endorsement.

She looks like a cute kitten who is just about to attack with her claws, LOL!

After the recent ban on TikTok by the Indian govt., many TikTok stars have been going through tough times.

Many of them are shifting bases to Reels by Instagram however, the fan base and trend that they had established on TikTok would take some time to re-build on the newer platform.

Amulya Rattan has her self-titled YouTube channel and she has already garnered 60k+ subscribers.

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