Addison Rae makes comeback amid pregnancy controversy

One of America’s hottest and most liked TikTok star and Instagram model, influencer and business woman, Addison Rae has been recently surrounded by controversial “pregnancy” news related to her sudden disappearance/lesser activity on social media platforms. Let’s know more about these pregnancy claims or is she really pregnant?

Addison Rae has garnered over 22.5 million followers on Instagram and receives 5 million likes on an average on every post she uploads there, indicating the crazy fan following she has acquired off late.

She also has 2.7 million followers on Twitter as on Jul 2020.

The 19 year old American star made her comeback to social media amid recent speculations on her “pregnancy”.

She also apologized for previously re-posting a video that condemned the Black Lives Matter uproar.

Let’s see her apology tweet below posted on Jul 9 2020 in her official Twitter account:

She had been MIA from her social media accounts since June 28, causing many fans to cope up several possible “theories” about her.

Addison Rae pregnant was one of the most trending topics on Twitter until few days back.

Some of her fans came forward to her support and condemned the viral news of her pregnancy as false while few stated that even social media stars are humans and have all rights to take breaks to nurture their personal lives.

Let’s read what Addison Rae’s fans got to say about the recent “pregnancy” speculation.

Addison Rae posted a lovely throwback on Jun 29.

In the below images she looks lovely and hot at the same time dressed in an oversized pale yellow pullover and sexy hot pants.

Let’s watch what Bryce Hall has to say about the Addison Rae pregnancy speculations around.

Addison Rae pregnant pregnancy
Addison Rae pregnant pregnancy

Amid all this, we do understand that any social media star is a human being afteral and too much expectations from them might just turn disappointing.

They need to take time off too and spend some quality time with their friends and family.

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