Vishwa(Vish/Wish) Rathod uncensored hot bold photoshoot

Popular TikTok sensation Vishwa Rathod, also known as Wish Rathod or Vish Rathod, was recently in the news around due to a viral hot and bold photoshoot of her without any clothes. Vishwa Rathod sexy bold nude photoshoot.

She was born on 6th Jul 1998 and is 22 years old as on Jul 2020.

She is quite popular on Instagram with 606K followers as on Jul 2020.

Vishwa Rathod is also known for her crazy liking for tattoos which she has engraved on her chest, hands and legs.

She is seen wearing different patterns of tattoos on her body.

The hot and beautiful TikTok star Vishwa Rathod recently did a photoshoot not wearing anything that has made news all over the internet.

Her photoshoot pictures are too hot to handle.

Vishwa Rathod hot nude photoshoot
Vishwa Rathod hot nude photoshoot
Vishwa Rathod hot sexy photoshoot
Vishwa Rathod hot bold photoshoot
Vishwa Rathod hot nude photoshoot
Vishwa Rathod hot nude photoshoot
Vishwa Rathod hot nude photoshoot

She has her own website wishrathod . in wherein she runs a fan club by uploading her latest pictures, videos, paid opportunities to chat with her/make duet videos with her among few others.

Vishwa Rathod nude photoshoot

Vishwa Rathod originally hails from Gujarat and is Indian by nationality. She is Hindu by religion.

Her Zodiac sign is Cancer.

She is 5’2″ tall and weighs approximately 50 kgs. She has a lean and slim build.

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