Nisha Guragain makes news again with second viral video?

Nisha Guragain has been in the news since past few weeks for all wrong reasons.

After a viral MMS video did rounds on social media claiming it’s of her, the TikTok star went all upset on it.

She came live for the first time on her Instagram account after the “incident” but though she didn’t clarify if it was her in that viral MMS video, she did look devastated pleading her supporters and fans not to encourage spreading the video any further.

Few days later, on her next Instagram live, she seemed to be all moved on from her previously sad state of mind and looked motivated for the better.

She assured her fans that she was doing fine and all the news related to the viral MMS video didn’t bother her anymore.

She denied to acknowledge anything she knew of that viral MMS video.

Recently after all the negativity around Nisha Guragain related to the viral MMS video, all eyes have turned to her latest music video released some time back, titled – Romance Karoon – Video | Ritik Chouhan , Nisha Guragain, Riva Arora | New Song 2020 | Dhunkii Beats.

Here is the video below for you all to watch.

Nisha Guragain’s TikTok videos were being loved and supported by her fans but it seems the same people have turned back on her post the news of viral MMS video leak.

Nisha has not posted anything on her Instagram account since the rumors of her viral MMS video started to spread.

We all can send her positive messages and vibes so that she comes back rocking with her best lip sync videos once again.

Nisha Guragain viral video
Nisha Guragain viral video

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