US President Donald Trump’s anger on China – COVID19

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After TEXAS witnessed new single day record of 6,975 fresh COVID-19 cases on Tuesday 30th June 2020, USA President Donald Trump took it to Twitter to vent out his anger on China.

Here’s the Tweet below via which the US President expressed his concern on the ugly turn in the ongoing pandemic in the US and how angry he feels thinking of the origin nation China.

However, ironically, the responses to the above Tweet are mostly negative as people seem to blame it more on him for poor administration rather on anyone else.

Some even expressed their lack of support on the Trump government and declared to vote him out.

Earlier on May 29 this year, popular American singer and YouTube-er Taylor Swift Tweeted against the Trump government openly questioning his failure on controlling COVID-19 spread in America.

Her post was related to a different topic though – killing of George Floyd, a 46 year old black man.

George’s death triggered riots throughout USA and in most of the countries globally.

Donald Trump COVID-19 China
Donald Trump COVID-19 China

Corona virus has reached a total worldwide count of 10.5 million confirmed cases of which 5.37 million have recovered and 512K have died as on Jul 1, 2020.

2.69 million confirmed cases belong to the US alone with 829K recoveries and 129K deaths.

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