How to download & install Zoom video-call app on computer

How to download and install Zoom in your computer?

1. Navigate to
2. Sign up using the button at the top right. Signing up is free.
3. Provide the details to create your account.
4. Once signed in, you should see the options at the top right:
5. In case you want to join a meeting hosted by someone else, hit JOIN A MEETING and enter the Meeting ID or the link shared by that person.
6. If you want to initiate a meeting or host a meeting, hit HOST A MEETING at the top right.
7. It gives you the options whether to join with or without video or just screen sharing.
8. When you select the relevant option to proceed, a pop-up appears requesting to select Open Zoom Meetings.
9. In case you don’t see the pop-up, select “download and run Zoom“.
10. Install the exe file and follow the instructions to launch your Zoom meeting.
11. Zoom has different paid plans as well however to conduct individual person-to-person or one-on-one meetings, there is no cost included.

My Account option at the top right lets you explore, configure and customize your Zoom profile under Profile section at the left.

You would also have your personal meeting ID that comes handy while initiating quick meetings on a short notice.

It also allows you to schedule a meeting at your convenience by hitting the SCHEDULE A MEETING button at the top.

Under the Settings option, you can configure your Zoom meetings in a lot of convenient ways as per your requirements and have control on different security measures and meeting enhancement features.

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Download install Zoom video
Download install Zoom video

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