Nisha Guragain motivates self after viral MMS video

Last few days were a lot disturbing for the popular TIkTok star, Nisha Guragain after there were news all over the internet on her intimate video that got viral claiming it’s Nisha with her “partner”. Nisha Guragain motivates self after viral MMS video.

She was looking devastated and a bit depressed for the first time she came live on her Instagram account post the news of the viral “video” broke out.

Nisha was looking all shattered from within when addressing her fans and followers while pleading them not to spread the video any further and inform her of any such links that contain the video.

She also confirmed about this incident being reported to the cyber crime department and the investigations were ongoing.

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Post that, in a recent Instagram live, Nisha looked all different than the previous one when she was live.

For a positive change, she looked filled with confidence and having shed all the fears of social insults and embarrassments.

Her viewers were a bit taken aback by her sudden change in attitude when she said the video no longer bothered her.

Although in both the live sessions Nisha never claimed it was her in the video nor is there any evidence of the same on the internet or anywhere, she seemed to have decided not to fall prey to social stigmas and judgments anymore.

Nisha seemed to have moved on since her first Instagram live.

In the below session, she is seen to be smiling, laughing and talking to her friends while responding to her fans’ positive and negative comments in a cheerful way.

Watch the below video yourself to know what Nisha has to say about the viral MMS video!

Nisha Guragain viral MMS
Nisha Guragain viral MMS

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