Sonam Kapoor tweets back to hate-comments-Father’s Day

Sonam Kapoor has been victim to a lot of hate comments and abusive messages on the nepotism row that sparked up post Late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s sad demise.

Lot many other star kids and family members along with Sonam Kapoor have been targeted through various social media platforms on grounds of suppressing deserving talents that belong from outside the Bollywood industry.

Following innumerable hate messages and abusive tweets flowing in through, Sonam Kapoor had to disable comments on her Instagram account.

To which Sonam justified with a post:

“Yes I’ve switched off my comment section and my parent’s comment section because I don’t want my 64-year-old parents to go through this. They did nothing to deserve this. And I’m not doing it out of fear you morons I’m doing it out of common sense to preserve my mental health and my parents.”

Sonam Kapoor Tweets

The Raanjhanaa actress was also being trolled mercilessly on social media through a seven year old video from her appearance in the famous reality gossip show Koffee With Karan that had recently surfaced in which she is seen as unable to recognize Sushant Singh Rajput when asked about him.

To the above allegations Sonam responded:

“Also people wishing death on my future children. And on my family. That video you’ve been spouting was 7 years old. When he had one film out didn’t know him, like he didn’t know me and didn’t say anything about me ell I now.. also please go and watch the episodes where my fellow actors have maybe said much won’t about me, but I have taken it in the spirit the show was meant to be, in jest.” 

It didn’t stop just here.

Sonam Kapoor Tweets

She continued to remain targets of abuses and hate comments through Twitter and she finally had to respond on Father’s Day with a strong note to her ill-wishers:

“Today on Father’s Day id like to say one more thing, yes I’m my father’s daughter and yes I am here because of him and yes I’m privileged. That’s not an insult, my father has worked very hard to give me all of this. And it is my karma where I’m born and to whom I’m born. I’m proud.” 

Following all this Sonam had to change her Twitter account security to “protected” that means anyone who doesn’t follow her yet has to request access to follow her.

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