Nisha Guragain breaks silence on viral obscene mms video

Before scrolling down to read, it should be kept in mind that this article is to spread positivity on the current situation hovering around Nisha and there’s no motive to earn fame through writing false information. Read below to know more about the viral mms video that’s being circulated as Nisha’s.

Nisha Guragain has not been posting anything on her social media accounts including TikTok and Instagram since more than a week now following the surfacing of an obscene video going viral claiming it’s of her.

Of course, the mental state she must be going through now is beyond anyone’s understanding however online content creators must act responsibly in these kind of sensitive situations.

Off late, since the video started to go viral, there has been lot of queries searched on Google related to it.

It’s evident that the same people who once supported her with likes and positive comments are curious to watch whether if it’s her who is in the video.

The huge number of traffic I have received in my blog of Nisha’s biography is evident of the above fact.

Online creators on YouTube and other media websites have been publishing articles blindly with headlines that directly/indirectly induce the claim that the viral video is of “Nisha captured while spending intimate moments with her partner”.

The truth is, there is no proof to it. The video could be morphed or the girl in that video can possibly be just a look-alike of her!

Even if the video is of her or there are evidences to support that, it doesn’t make sense to publicly exploit someone to earn fame!

There have been several articles and YouTube videos floating on the internet just to gain publicity and traffic without having the slightest concern of outraging a girl’s modesty.

Nisha Guragain herself came forward few days back on YouTube and clarified a lot of facts related to that video.

She also requested her supporters and fans to help her mentally cope this situation rather spreading negativity around.

Watch what Nisha has to say all about the viral mms video.

Nisha Guragain mms video

Nisha Guragain mms video

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