How to choose the best long-tail keywords?

The main focus while writing any blog should be on the ways to make it rank among others. Here’s how Google Trends comes to help! Know how to choose the best long tail keywords here!

The need of long-tail keywords:

There are lot of best practices around of writing a decent and optimized blog however the foremost area of focus is a well balanced mix of trending keywords. We will discuss how to choose the best long tail keywords in this article.

Imagine having written a blog and it hasn’t ranked since months while one of your friends writes a blog and gets it ranked in a shorter time. Publishing a well-written blog post without having done any research on the correct choice of keywords can hamper its ranking to a great extent.

Your blog, no matter how many words it contains, will hardly rank unless it has trending keywords that people search for day-to-day on Google. Keyword analysis plays a crucial role in getting your blog moved up from lower to upper positions in Google search pages.

The use of Google Trends:

Let’s take a look at the homepage of Google Trends. It shows an overview of the latest trending searches presently dominating in the US. Which means, if an article, written well enough on any of these keywords, can get your blog pulled up to the first page in Google search results.

For example, if you write a blog on Taylor Swift and her latest achievements, her latest albums or about a vacation she recently came back from and so on, will do a miracle for that blog.

So imagine, you are writing a blog on the latest political affairs ongoing in your country. You would come across several words that you may use to draft your blog and when done, just revise your blog for the words which itself or its synonyms have been performing real well as per Google Trends. Replace the words you’ve used with their powerful synonyms as per Google Trends.

Also, while writing a blog, try using long-tail keywords like “how to get your AdSense account approved” instead of “Blog on AdSense approval”. If you are able to grasp the meaningful content in between these two forms of sentences, hopefully you would perform well in your keywords search and analysis!

In addition to the above benefits, Google Trends facilitates you with the provision of selecting filters based on the content of your blog post and which geological region you want to target readers from. It also allows you to research the performance of keywords based on selected countries, states and cities.

For your ease of narrowing down on the best keyword, you may also select the period range for which you want to analyze the demand that keyword was in for.


Hopefully this article conveyed the importance of long-tail keywords and how it impacts your blog rankings being an important aspect of SEO strategies.

Also, hopefully you would be able to relate more with keywords now while writing a blog and check it with Google Trends and replace it with its well-performing synonyms if needed.

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  2. Mojito With a Twist – New Delhi, India – I am Ankita, a professional Book Reviewer, a story writer, and above all, your friend. When I am not reading, I am writing. And when I am taking a break from both these things, I am daydreaming about a place free of violence, crime, corruption, and prejudice.

    I didn’t know about Google Trends. I’m definitely going to use it from now onwards.

  3. That is so true and I agree with the points you mentioned in this posts. Google Trends is even more important with the current scenario of the world. That is Quarantine and the times of pandemic.

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