7 Benefits of promoting blog posts via Facebook ads

Imagine putting in a lot of effort writing a decent and fully SEO-optimized blog and having very few visitors getting to read it. The motto of every blogger rests on the fact of reaching out to the correct audience in the least amount of time. Here’s why you need to promote your blogs via Facebook ads.

Every blogger wants to target the right audience to read their blogs so that they develop more interests in their websites and may subscribe to stay updated for future posts. Well, how do most of us try achieving it?

We may share the blog just published, to our Facebook timeline or put a link to it as a story for our friends and followers to read it.

However, not necessarily all our Facebook friends would be interested in reading blogs; amid attractive video stories that keep coming up in their feed, clicking open to “read” something would have very meagre chances.

Alternatively, we could have a Facebook page where we may hypothetically have 2000 followers but the algorithm of Facebook is not such that every post published on a page reaches to all the followers.

It may just reach up to a few hundreds, of which everyone may not click open to read the blog.

Posting it to Twitter with relevant hashtags may be of little help but again you can never be affirmative of the approximate audience it would reach up to.

Pinning relevant pictures in Pinterest with links to your blogs or searching for similar questions to answer with your blog links in Quora can help but again can’t foretell you of the approximate figure of the number of clicks.

Instagram stories do not assure you either of the responses you would receive.

All of the above methods described are considerably time taking without an assurance of the approximate number of audience you may get who would click open to read your blog and over how much time!

Basically, that’s about investing a lot of time sharing your posts with uncertain results.

Click here to learn more about sharing via the above-said social media platforms.

Benefits of sharing your blog posts via Facebook ads:

What are the benefits of sharing your blog posts via Facebook ads?

Promotions done by Facebook ads are instant. Once approved, your ads will immediately be sent flowing in through the feeds of the people you’ve chosen.

It lets you choose the exact kind of audience you want your ads to be shown by selecting their interests, region and age groups thereby increasing the chances of clicks.

You can select the number of days to run your ads and the best part is, in case you change your mind in between an ad already running, you can always pause it and update it as per your requirements.

You have the control to customize the front look of your ads by using your own images or by picking up any of the professionally designed ad templates of Facebook.

You will have real time statistics to track how many people your ad has reached and how many of them have clicked, which in turn allows you to analyze and decide whether to stop/update the ad right from there. You will not be charged further for pausing any ad at any point of time until you resume it.

You will only be charged per impression/click that you receive on your ad.

Setting up payment is really easy and seamless. Moreover you also have control on setting up a spend limit that would notify you in case your ad spend is about to cross the set threshold.

The following video shall show you step-by-step method of creating a Facebook ad campaign for your blog post.

But before jumping on to the video, ensure you have a Facebook page, if not, create one now by clicking here.

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