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The story of St. Nicholas or Santa Claus as we know him today, dates back to the 4th century!

We all have at some point of time believed deeply in the arrival of Santa Claus with gifts during Christmas. Has it ever come true for you? Well, if it did, we would love to learn about your experiences in the comments.

Now, Let’s take a look into the origin of Santa Claus and know the exact history behind our childhood fantasy.

St. Nicholas was born in Myra, Asia minor- in modern-day Turkey , in the 4th century to a very wealthy Christian family. It is said that his parents didn’t have any child until very long after their marriage and prayed to God every day and night for the same.

After some time, their parents were able to conceive and Nicholas was born which was no less than a miracle for them as their prayers seem to have been answered.

But soon after, unfortunately, Myra was hit by an epidemic and Nicholas’s parents died, leaving him orphaned at a very young age. He was later raised by his uncle who was then serving as the Bishop of Myra. His uncle didn’t have any children and loved Nicholas more than just a nephew.

With time, Nicholas grew up to be a very well behaved man. His uncle was proud of him due to his many acts of kindness to the people of Myra. Since he belonged to a very wealthy family, Nicholas never thought twice before giving away money and gold to the needy as help.

It is said that he anonymously helped a poor father with small pouches of gold, who was struggling to marry off his daughters due to not being able to pay dowry and who would else have got pushed into slavery and prostitution.

Soon, with time people started to think there’s an angel of God who is being very kind to them and helping them in times of need, until one day Nicholas was caught amidst one of his noble deeds while helping a neighbor.

People in Myra were so inspired and moved by his generosity that even they started to follow his footsteps by helping each other. Soon enough, it had become a trend in Myra where people at times of need were receiving gifts anonymously from each other thinking it was given by Nicholas. It was not long enough until neighboring towns also got to know about it.

Gradually with time, Nicholas became well known among towns and cities as the noble giver. It is believed he gave away all his earthly possessions to the people and later became the Bishop of Myra.

As time passed by, Nicholas’s stories of kindness and giveaways spread out far and became famous among the people and generations that followed after. It is said that once sailors stuck amidst a sea storm had prayed for Nicholas’s help and they actually saw his figure appear in the sky that controlled and cleared away the bad weather saving their lives!

The name Santa Claus evolved from Nick’s Dutch nickname, Sinter Klaas, a shortened form of Sint Nikolaas (Dutch for Saint Nicholas).


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    1. Admin – Bangalore, India – An avid traveler and blogger. Visit my website to know more about my work.

      Hello Yernasia! It’s a pleasure that you commented here 🙂 By the way, I read your lines and totally understood that you are not completely happy but you will be 🙂 You are just as beautiful as your lines and you deserve all the happiness around!

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