How to start a free blog with WordPress in 30 mins?

Interested to showcase your writing skills/passion to the world? Well, it’s definitely a cakewalk to start off with a blog in WordPress under 30 mins!

Why WordPress?

Probably because it offers you with a very lucid, easy to use yet powerful, secure and simple UI with lot of customization options to write and design blogs and blog sites.

From students/beginners to professionals, WordPress is the choice to many because of the above reasons and many more which is why, 35% of the web today runs on WordPress!

If you have found out what you are interested in and have some solid content to start off with, WordPress provides you with just the exact tools required to build up your blog the way you want.

Let’s get started with the ways to create a blog using WordPress.


To begin with, you must know that WordPress provides you with a free platform to start creating your blogs.

However, this plan comes with several limitations and is devoid of lot of facilities which you would be needing if you want to establish a full fledged blogging website and earn through it.

But as a beginner, you can start off with the free plan and upgrade later as and when you notice visitors flowing in with each passing day.

You may visit here to check out the other paid plans offered by WordPress and choose the best as per your requirements.

It is advised to upgrade to an expensive plan with loads of tempting facilities once you are fully into creating content and starting to get a decent number of visitors.

Domain name:

Some of the WordPress paid plans already come with a free domain for a year, so you may choose the one that suits your blog’s content(subject to availability) or you may just start off with your custom name ending

You can switch to a paid plan later at anytime.

Please note that becoming successful as a blogger isn’t an overnight process. It takes time to get your content ranked among existing bloggers of your niche who would have already written some amazing content and have gained the trust of ‘netizens’.

This is not to discourage however, all it takes to be a successful blogger is consistency and hard-work.

Beautiful WordPress themes, layouts and plugins are important however are secondary and will mean nothing unless your content stands out from the rest.

Visit here to learn the basics of blogging.

Steps to start with your first blog.

How to create a blog with WordPress?

  • Click here to create a WP account. You may use use your existing Google or Apple account ID as well to sign-up.

  • I assume all of us will actually have a Google account hence once you sign up using that, you will see the below screen. Select your relevant option.

    The next part of this tutorial shall continue with after selecting “Blog”.

  • Now choose your niche.

    The next part of this tutorial shall continue with after selecting “Blogging”.

  • Now, you will be taken to a preview of your blogging site. You can always customize it later. Enter a suitable blog name and hit “Continue” to proceed.

  • Next, you will be prompted to enter a domain name for your blog. If you aren’t ready now, just type in your desired blog name and select the one that ends in .blog top level domain (TLD). That’s free to start with.

  • Hit Select and then click “Start with a free site” in the next page.

Next page is your Dashboard where you can start customizing your blog by clicking the “Customize” option under Design in the left menu. Select an appropriate theme that best suites the content you are about to build.

I wouldn’t recommend altering any other settings at this point because it’s a free site and all settings such as configuration, performance and security will be at their recommended defaults.

In case you still want to check them out under the Tools and Manage options, please feel free to explore and shoot out any questions in the comment section if you have.

Create your first blog-post under “Site” – “Posts” – Add a New Post option at the left. You may do that now or later as well after launching your site. Editing with block editor is self-explanatory and simple.

Keep exploring the different tools it has to offer to create your blog by adding images, texts, paragraphs, quotes, separators, forms and many more.

You may create different pages like Contact, About and Privacy Policy using the Pages option under “Site” at the left menu. You may also organize your pages to show in your blog’s main Menu section by using the “Customize” option under Design at the left.

Once you feel your site is ready and has enough basic information to go live, come back to the Dashboard by clicking “My Site” at the top left.

In “My Site” page, hit the “Launch my site” button at the right to launch your site in the internet. It may again prompt you to select a domain hence proceed accordingly.

Post that your site will be public and any content that you publish henceforth will be visible globally and can be shared with others.

Please feel free to ask questions related to starting off and customizing your blog site in the comments section.

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