How to fix “Submitted URL has crawl issue” error?


Wrote an well optimized blog months back and it hasn’t yet ranked in Google search engine results? Well, here’s is what you need to check and fix it from the root.

Submitted URL has crawl issue

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Before taking this article forward, let me remind you to validate your site with Google Search Console first. Please proceed with this article only when your site is validated with Google Search Console.


You may click here to begin.

It’s pretty straight forward and in case you are using WordPress, this one plugin can get the job done for you – Google Site Verification plugin using Meta Tag.

In Google Search Console, select to verify by copying the HTML tag and paste it in the text-box of the plugin as shown below; go back to Google Search Console and hit validate, you are done!

Submitted URL has crawl issue

Once your site is validated with Google Search Console, you are now ready to monitor it effectively for any issues that might be preventing few of your articles from indexing with Google search hence impacting your site’s rankings.

Submitted URL has crawl issue

The Coverage section is where you need to check for errors, if any. Hit on Coverage and it will take you to a page as shown below:


Submitted URL has crawl issue

I had few 404 URL not found errors earlier and these are the simplest to fix. Those may have happened due to any post which you would have deleted earlier but the page-crawl was attempted by Google and hence it threw a 404 URL not found error or you may have edited a post’s permalink but the initial permalink got indexed with Google and the crawl fetched no results but an error.

View the URL that shows under this error type and if there is no content in that page, I would personally ignore fixing these errors because if that URL doesn’t have any content presently, it doesn’t make sense to index it either.

Instead, you can redirect(will be covered in the next section of this post) it to a present related post of yours if at all you want to see this area clean and error-free in Google Search Console.

The other error type that we get is “Submitted URL has crawl issue“.


Now, this will definitely hamper your posts from getting indexed with Google thereby preventing it from appearing in Google search results as well. Click on that error type and it will show a similar page as below. It will show you the list of URLs impacted.

Submitted URL has crawl issue

  • Copy the URL you want to fix and check it in a browser if at all it works or throws any error. If it throws error(s), it would mean there’s something wrong with the post itself which you need to go back and edit and re-publish accordingly.

    Most of the times there won’t be any errors in the URL fetching the page/post.

  • Install this plugin in WordPressRedirections and activate it. There will be some self-explanatory set-up process post activation, so just follow the steps and finish the same. Once ready, proceed to the next step.

  • What it does is, it helps you re-direct any URL to a destination URL of your choice.

Submitted URL has crawl issue

  • In the first box, enter the URL that shows under the error section of Google Search Console as not being crawled successfully.

  • Don’t alter the drop-downs.

  • In the second box, enter the destination URL where you want Google bots to reach while crawling that initial URL so as to avoid any errors in future.

  • Hit Add Redirect. Follow the next step once redirection is saved successfully.

  • Come back to Google Search Console and click on the blank area next to the URL as shown:

Submitted URL has crawl issue

  • Click “Inspect URL” on the sidebar that appears on the right and allow it some time.

  • It would throw an error ” URL is not on Google: Indexing errors”.

  • Now click “TEST LIVE URL” at the top right corner. Allow it to execute the result as shown below:

Submitted URL has crawl issue

  • Hit on REQUEST INDEXING. Shortly after, you will get a confirmation stating indexing has been requested on priority.

  • Once this is done for all the URLs, go back to Coverage(left column) and click on the “Submitted URL has crawl issue” section and select the option to start validation.

    Google Search Console shall validate all the changes you have made and the updated results should take few days to a week to be in effect. You will get an email once all validations are complete.

Conclusion: Hope this article was helpful and do ensure to keep checking the health of you site in Google Search Console once everyday and take necessary steps to fix errors, if any. Happy blogging and ranking! Cheers!

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