6 most common blogging mistakes to avoid

Most of the times we unknowingly commit these common blogging mistakes while creating a blog that remain unnoticed and impact Google search rankings. Know how to avoid the common blogging mistakes.

If you are new to blogging and looking for ideas to start off writing blogs, please click here to know the steps required to write a perfect blog.

In case you are already into blogging, hopefully these steps would help you to retain the best blogging practices.

  • We often finalize a title without researching on trending keywords. Click here to find out whether the words chosen in your title have been in searches worldwide and how they have performed. This is one of the most common blogging mistakes.

  • We often get so much carried away with writing stuff that we lose track of the content that may not be relevant to the topic chosen above and the initial paragraphs written for.

    Try to provide examples, pictures and write content only relevant to what you want your readers to take away from that article. Else, it may create a negative impression on you as a writer and may end up losing visitors.

  • Another common blogging mistake is lack of interaction.

    Many of us fail to interact with the readers who may have commented their appreciations/views below. Not engaging with readers may make them to think of you as being negligent enough not to value readers who actually are your greatest assets in blogging.

  • We often forget/neglect to do on-page SEO optimization while writing a blog. You may refer to this article to learn more effective ways to optimize your post with real time validations before hitting the ‘publish’ button.

    Being lazy to optimize your blog post for SEO can be the silliest blogging mistake one can make.

  • Most of us don’t put efforts in sharing blogs well. You would have put enormous patience with dedication while finishing the blog you just published however if you don’t take the extra step to promote/share it with others, all that hard-word goes into vain.

    A blog is written mainly with one motive and that’s to get it ranked in search engines but if it doesn’t reach your audience repeatedly, it won’t get read enough number of times to rank itself over time.

  • Most of us don’t update the blogs once published and due to which, better up-to-date blogs outperform ours over time, impacting SEO rankings.

    In this era of competition, there are millions of blogs in the internet and in case your blog ranks out among these, you need to ensure updating its content regularly(at least once every 3 weeks) to maintain its rank.

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