5 Golden Rules of Blogging to rank your blog

Once you are into blog-writing already, you may want to know the best practices and rules of blogging needed to keep your content in the right structure at all times.

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  1. Choose a catchy title.

    You may just have got the reader looking for the content you have amazingly written in your blog however he/she may just ignore your article reading the title of it and assuming it not worth his/her time.

    Ensure to choose not a lengthy but catchy title; shortlist 3 such titles and share with your friends – take their opinions and select the best for your blog.

  2. Use images in between paragraphs.

    No reader would like reading through black & white characters throughout till the end because that kicks off the essence of what you want to convey.

    Images in between writings always keep a reader tuned in to continue reading as the mind soothes up when the words that were read get summarized into colorful images.

  3. Maintain a decent ad-to-content ratio.

    Your readers should not think of your writings as only a source of making money rather providing honest information.

    Place your ads appropriately(header, few in between paragraphs if it’s a lengthy article and after the comments) so as not to create negative vibes about your content.

  4. Conclude your blog.

    Many a times a reader who was just about to ignore your blog and move on, may get hinged to the conclusion and get to the start of the blog.

    The conclusion of your blog must provide a short yet informative summary of the content and a small answer to ‘why’ your content’s topic is important and should be read.

  5. Engage with your readers.

    Provide the facility for your readers to comment after reading your blog. That way, they get to ask a query/express their opinions on what they just read.

    Ensure to be interactive to your readers’ comments, views, questions and appreciations.

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