Women – The Need To Respect & Safeguard Their Souls

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I feel ashamed of the fact that I’m having to write an article that should have been a default mindset of people around me – to respect and treat women without considering them as a ‘piece of meat’!

Yes I know everything depends on how a person is raised, and also in the company he had been while growing up. The increasing incidents of crime towards women have raised just one question, have we failed to remain as humans any longer?

There are anti-socials everywhere, in all parts of the world. Most of them are remorseless after committing crimes as they feel it was a woman’s body and clothes that attracted and compelled him to outrage her modesty. So, more than how a person is raised, I believe it’s the company in which they grow up that puts impact on the mind to think abnormally.

Enticing clothes aren’t of course the reason, but a sick and malnourished mentality is, always. I may not have a sister but was in a relationship and can very well realize what a woman goes through every day coping up with her responsibilities, others’ expectations, dealing with numerous arrows targeted by lusty minds piercing her soul every time and the endless pressure of carrying herself well so as not to get judged by peers and the society.

I may not be able to peep inside the soul of a woman and pen down a long article to express the pain and fear they go through each day of living their lives but today, I feel disgusted looking around and reading about the crimes taking place almost ‘routinely’. Has the law and order failed that terribly? More than stricter punishments after a rape happens, it’s important to ensure it doesn’t happen at the first place! Can’t the administration step forward and ensure the safety of women at all times? Can’t they divert their focus a bit from safeguarding less important interests of politicians and concentrate more on ways to improve women safety?

She chooses where to be, with whom to be, in what clothes to be in, what to drink and at what time to be in. None of us got to decide that! Their fear of taking a stroll at midnight, has failed us to dignify ourselves as part of a civilized society. Oh I’m from India and how could I forget that only the society gets to decide the norms and fates of ladies here!

This sense of insecurity and fear among ladies must be put to an end. it can’t happen just by one person venting out his anger through blogging or marching holding candles after an incident but together we can ensure safety of women by confronting any such anti-social activity happening around us and exhibiting courage to nab the culprits and hand them over to the Police.

It has to be collective and pro-active efforts that could make a difference by instilling fear among criminals. It will eventually stop one day if we stand up to our duties rather turning blind-eyes to facts.

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2 thoughts on “Women – The Need To Respect & Safeguard Their Souls”

  1. Pallavi – I write on myriad of topics that tickle my fancy especially the ones pertaining to motherhood and womanhood through poetry and prose. Some of my pieces have featured on Go Dog Go Cafe, Whisper and Roar and Free Verse Revolution. Thank you for reading and joining me in this journey! Xo 💜

    This is such a fantastic and need of the hour post. Yes you don’t have to have a sister or be a woman yourself to be empathetic. THANK YOU for this post. We need more men like you.

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