How to deal with winters?

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Winter has arrived and here are few simple techniques that would hopefully help you cope up with this “depressing” and gloomy season without having to worry a bit! Let’s read and get to know more about how to deal with super lonely and chilling winters.

If you are someone who enjoys his/her own company, then this article is not for you!

Winters are known for its bitterly cold and dry feel that usually roughens up your skin and mostly everything around feels gloomy. The brightness and warmth of the Sun is generally missed unless you are of the kind who spends their day hiding under blankets and seeking refuge in coffee mugs!

I am from India and have experienced coldness of the season to as low as 9 degrees but I know there are places around the world where people manage in numbers on the negative scale. I can imagine how tough that can be!

Basically, the urge to get out of the comfort and warmth of blankets and try doing your normal chores seem hectic and boring since you may like clinging to the warmth of blankets more than getting anything else done.

But factually, the world still remains the same and so does your life during this season. The only change you notice is within your desires to move your body probably due to the extreme cold or because everything around just looks very much avoidable to be delayed till eternity, LOL!

The depressing vibes or gloominess of this season can be escaped through the following techniques but again, we are humans and everything depends on our will.

how to deal with winters

  • Alarm-clocks should be the most trustworthy companion of yours during winter.

    While soaked in the deep comfort zone of a cozy blanket you might lose track of time and may end up over-sleeping until there’s a necessity-bound requirement that forces you to get up later. So, waking up early must be the priority to win over the day.

    Waking up and being out of the bed early shall ensure you would have longer share of the daylight which in turn will allow you to dedicate some time to yourself maybe to finish up a pending task, grab a coffee, put on a warm clothing and just be on the balcony to soak some early morning sunlight before starting your daily chores.

  • Start your day with a hot beverage. If you stay alone, try to make one for yourself or step out to grab one. It may feel worthless at first to fight through the chilling cold and step out but if you succeed, you may take sips of it while thinking to plan your day ahead.

  • A walk outside early morning may seem really difficult and annoying but if you manage to step out, it might just turn out to be more refreshing than as depressing it seemed earlier.

  • Take a walk, get into a phone call with a friend or family, exercise/go to the gym or just get going with your daily tasks. Any kind of a physical activity is recommended to keep your body fit and metabolism going normal.

  • Ensure to have a filling breakfast and apply moisturizer before stepping out. A healthy skin is always a pleasure to look at and it won’t remind you much of the gloomy weather around.

  • Drink enough water. Keeping your body hydrated in this moisture-less weather is utmost important.

  • Have food at regular intervals.

  • Evenings start early as days are shorter during winters. In case you just arrived back home from work/school or any other place where you regularly spend a part of your day, ensure to grab a hot beverage to get warmed up.

  • If you are thinking of the next task to sail through the darker part of the day and there are limited options, try to listen to your favorite music. This will cut out loneliness and will not let any mood of depression step in.

  • Try to have dinner early so that you could go to bed latest by 10 PM.

  • Have enough sleep so that your body gets ample rest and waking up early the next morning doesn’t feel too heavy on the head 🙂

Conclusion: There is no “hack” to brighten up your days in winter but there is your strong will to make the most of it while keeping yourself healthy and sound! Hopefully the above suggestions on how to deal with winters would turn out to be helpful for you all! Take care and God bless 🙂

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