Freedom and its impact on mental health

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We all like and enjoy being ourselves. In this post, we shall see why being ‘free’ is so important and what role it plays to present us with a healthy mind. Also know how being “free” or freedom in the mind and its positive impact drives one towards a healthier and cleaner mental health.

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The Natural aspect.

Why has there always been an imbalance in nature? Because, we being the superior species, tried to dominate and make spaces for ourselves ever since human civilization began.

We as humans, got a greater responsibility to ensure we preserve Earth and its inhabitants as it’s their home too.

The prime objective of freedom is not only to live independently but also to accommodate responsibilities within us for ensuring we don’t become the cause to any discomfort or extinction of other living beings sharing this ecosystem with us.

The human aspect.

freedom and its impact on mental health

Now, when it comes to freedom in our lives, how do we really interpret it?

A child may want freedom in terms of more play and less studies; an adolescent kid may look towards it as less interference from parents on his interests; an adult may just want the minimum mandatory percentage of attendance be waived off which is required to appear in exams and a middle aged person may just want to relax without worrying more about anything else but him/herself!

Our perspective towards freedom has undergone varied thoughts throughout our lives, no matter what stage we were in. However there’s one thing that has always remained common among all these different desires of freedom at various stages in life.


Our prime objective in life is certainly to remain contended and happy. Even though satisfaction parameters may be different for many of us but somewhere down the line we all want to be remain peaceful and lively.

freedom and its impact on mental health

Impact on mental health.

If one is ‘free’, he/she would tend to be in a default state of contentment.

What is meant by being ‘free’? What do you think, impacts our mental health when we stress ourselves thinking how over-burdened our lives have become and we may never be able to lead lives our own way?

These thoughts bother us negatively because we have not let our minds go free in a sorted way.

  • One must learn to prioritize stuff in life. A set of strong priorities towards things makes our goals clearer and by which we get to judge any given situation in a much more sorted way as compared to if we didn’t know as to when which of our necessities to put forward in life.

  • Freedom instills sense of responsibilities too! Living life at one’s own terms can only be rewarding and worthy if he/she understands and undertakes the basic necessary responsibilities in life.

    Like one of the simplest things could be to try and maintain your surroundings neat and clean. That way, your mind is set free of guilt and you would feel better thinking what you have given back to yourself and the society.

  • Maintain your work-life balance. You may read this article here to understand how a healthy work-life balance plays an important role to make you feel contended and good for the fact that you were able to make out time for yourself and most importantly, your mind, just to be yourself for the rest part of the day.

  • Travel and explore other culture. Traveling to a new place once a year develops a feeling towards the understanding of the fact that not only us, but there are several others as well from various cultural backgrounds who may not resemble us on many aspects but are commonly trying to lead happier lives in different parts of this planet.

Conclusion: You can only sense and enjoy freedom when you have sorted your priorities and responsibilities so that you know well when and which part of your mind has to be where doing what without any guilt 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Freedom and its impact on mental health”

  1. Eliza – I started blogging to write my reasons to live, taglined, pretty accurately I think, as Journey from Suicidality. I started my next blog - when I wanted a space to write about life, living. Taglined Journey to Life. This is a journey. A journey to life. To creating a life. To learning about myself, to being myself, to finding safety within myself and the world. To creating a life I'm happy to live. I'm looking forward to that day. So long as there's life, there's hope. Love, light and glitter

    Keep being free…
    Love, light and glitter

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