What makes a lady beautiful and worthy?

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Have you ever wondered as to why a woman is attractive? What makes her so appealing that we get driven towards her with hopes to build the rest of our lives with them? Learn more about the importance of a beautiful and worthy lady in our lives!

Image shot by Jayant Mandal at Bangalore, India

I am writing this post focused on us, men.

Why is it that when you are in a relationship, most of the time you try your level best to make it up to her whenever there are minor ups and downs? Why do you always/most of the time, apologize even when you were not at fault? Why is it that she means the world to you and you think of differently unique ways to keep her happy?

What is it so exclusive in a woman that keeps us so much attached and caring towards her even if we are going through a rough phase at work-life or elsewhere?

Image shot by Jayant Mandal at Bangalore, India

That is her care! Her affectionate look towards you and an unexpected smile so much needed at times when you may be stressed or lost between other important & complicated things.

With all the selfless and unconditional love we get from them spontaneously and without being asked for, should mean just the world to us! I mean, we crave for attention during our year-end raise at work but we also got to be cognizant of and value the most significant asset of our lives that is always there to lend a shoulder when things fall upside down at us elsewhere.

A woman’s care is irreplaceable. There are many of us who unfortunately realize it when it gets too late. We often end up taking them so much for granted that we lose the consciousness of the fact that how much we had depended on them during normal to difficult times and that how much we unknowingly fell in love with every small and normal act of theirs.

So much so, we unknowingly ignore their calls amidst work, only to realize later when they are gone, that how much badly we want to see ‘that number’ flashing on our phone screens again.

Image shot by Jayant Mandal at Bangalore, India
Importance of beautiful worthy lady

Try your best to make the most of it as long as she turns back at you and smiles. The day she doesn’t, you got to understand you’ve lost her forever!

Her ways to make you feel lighter at heart may be different, however you got to be sensitive enough to understand, appreciate and respect whatever she does to brighten up your day.

Everyday may not be equal, so extend your support to her – cook for her, take her out for a walk, bring up past conversations that you both used to have during the earlier days you met-make her feel special about her own self, that she is valued in your life more than anything else.

There are times when we get to possess a gem in the form of a woman in our lives and we lose them due to our own faults, not realizing those precious moments of happiness given by them; instead we end up getting things so much complicated that it gets nearly impossible for a gem to take the final shape of a beautiful ornament that would beautify our lives.

This post shall probably never have a conclusion because maybe many of us are just not worthy enough to deserve ‘her’ and that there are still those lucky men who get to possess invaluable gems and know just the correct ways to preserve them with time and respect, making them shine with happiness forever.

The sooner the realization dawns upon us that ‘she’ is exactly what we unknowingly cling onto every time when we look for life, the better and happier our lives will be!

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