How to get traffic from Quora is one of the biggest QnA forum in the world with an estimated count of 2.1 M users per day! Learn how to drive traffic to your blog/website from Quora.

So imagine, if you are able to divert even 1% of that number to your website, you will have 21,000 unique visitors a day!

Yes, it sounds easier said than done but if done correctly, you still can make it very close.

Social media platforms can turn game-changing when it comes to drive traffic. All you need to ensure is you are approaching the correct audience with the relevant topic. And trust me, it’s easy.

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This article won’t be about how to create an account in Quora and update your profile there but will be focused more on how one can reach the correct audience base, build trust and generate high quality traffic to his/her website.

So if you are a regular blogger, you already know your niche.

Rest part of your job is to find the right audience who frequently question on similar topics as that of your niche and also do ensure to keep an eye out on the questions asked on relevant/similar topics organically because if you build the trust of the ‘organic’ crowd, there’s no looking back! has visitors from all over the world with varied interests, so select your audience first.

You need to join/follow relevant groups(spaces) in Quora that relates to your niche and then start focusing on the different questions and topics being discussed.

Filter out the most frequently asked questions and write an answer for that in your website.

Know and understand what exactly is being asked and what appropriate answer would satisfy that user’s quest and he/she would begin trusting your content as a genuine source of relevant information.

Don’t directly paste links of articles from your website and ask an user to refer to it as is. Doing this regularly will make your readers in Quora lose interest and may think of you more as a self-promoter than a helper.

Also, spamming questions with own website’s links can be removed by the Quora moderators.

While answering a question, understand the core ask and answer accordingly.

Try your best to write a quality answer to a very common question. Let it take time because to tell you the truth, a quality answer would fetch you benefits for the long run! Try to give your site’s link only if you are sure that your content through that link will be helpful and relevant to the question asked.

Once done, search for similar such questions and paste the same answer. More the views, more are the chances of link clicks to your website. Readers on Quora also have the option to share your answer, thus opening doors to enhance your reach to more users.


Continuity is the key. Keep searching for questions to which you have answers in your website and write good and detailed answers with a relevant link to your website.

Your regularity and activeness to asked questions on Quora will gain you more trusted readers and eventually visitors!

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  1. Ankit kumar – I am a professional Web / Software developer, B.Tech CSE, who has been working in PHP & CodeIgniter and WordPress for more than 2+ years and know it inside and out, including the creation of Web Apps, WordPress websites from scratch and their customization.

    Thanks, I will try this approach.

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