How to increase traffic to your blog/website

In my previous articles(here), we read how to get website earnings/Google AdSense health going strong by following and implementing few simple methods. Now let’s see how to increase traffic to your site/blog.


It takes solid time to get your blog/site indexed with search engines. Still, there are few amazing and simple ways you may want to try to keep your visitors coming regularly.

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  • Find your niche and gain knowledge on that.

  • Try to write on good quality and highly trending content. I can understand if your interests are different still, try using long-tail keywords that index well with search engines.

  • Register your site with Google Search Console to keep a track of your website’s health and performance with regards to keywords. Click here to know how to register your site with Google Search Console.

  • Use high quality images between your articles and paragraphs to keep your readers interested and not get bored of lengthy content.

  • Keep your sentences short and paragraphs thinner.

  • Use active voice while writing. Example: Use “I clicked this image while walking on the street” rather than “This image was clicked by me while walking “. Use more “I”s and “You”s.”

  • Use more transition words like, “so”, “but”, “however”, “because” etc.
  • Contribute to others’ blogs: share someone’s blog into your site with full credits and comment and like & comment on someone’s blog after reading. That ways, your site may attract visitors from the blog you contributed to.

    If you want to get your site/blog noticed, you have to let others know that you exist as a blogger too-by commenting on others’ posts.

  • Engage your readers by using Smarter Push Notifications For Desktop And Mobile so that they keep coming back for newer content. Click here to know more.

  • Post regularly, recommended is thrice a week.
  • Share your posts on Facebook groups that are of similar topics as of yours. Engage with other users also in that group so that you get noticed.

  • Use Facebook ads to promote your blogs.

  • Sharing/Answering with your site’s link on related questions on Quora would also attract decent traffic to your website.

  • Pinterest is an amazing way to draw traffic to your website, click here to know how.

  • Do on-page SEO while writing your blog post. An important recommendation would be to use Yoast plugin for WordPress.

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