How to increase your blog subscriptions for free?

Here’s a simple method to remind your visitors on every new update that occurs on your site. No, I’m NOT talking about email subscriptions! Dive in to read how to increase your blog subscriptions for free!

What if every visitor that visits your website gets to see an attractive subscription pop-up appearing on their screens after scrolling through your posts for few seconds/minutes?

Moreover, what if I tell you – you can customize the timing and design of that pop-up and that too for free!? Interesting isn’t it?

I hereby, take the opportunity to introduce you to gives you the privilege of keeping your bounce rate in control by letting your visitors come back and stick to your content time and again.

This is the homepage of

Setting it up for your site is pretty simple!

  • Click on Sign Up For Free and register yourself.

  • Fill in your details and hit Sign Up For Free

Once your account is created and you are logged in, navigate to Settings from your Dashboard section.

  • Provide your site details as above and copy the Site ID.

Please note that this tutorial is only for users running a WordPress Business plan on their websites!

  • Install the Subscribers – Free Web Push Notifications plugin for WordPress and paste the Site ID and hit Save Changes.
  • Come back to where you left. Hit Save Details.
  • Click Prompt Settings on the left menu to customize your prompt(pop-up) settings and looks.

  • Ensure Prompt Enabled option is enabled.

  • Check on Use Custom Prompt.

  • Upload a picture/logo and change the colors as per your requirements.

  • Scroll down to update the time settings after which you want your visitor to see the prompt.

  • Hit Save Settings when you are done.

That’s it and your website is ready to display your customized subscription prompt to any visitor after a defined time. If a user subscribes to that prompt, his/her browser will throw an instant notification whenever you publish a content on your website, no matter which website he/she is in that moment.

That way, his/her chances of coming back to check out your new update, are more as compared to email notifications which we hardly tend to open all the time unless it is relevant to us!

So, let us know in the comments section if this article helped you getting your users engaged to your content even if they come back to visit a single page because, continuity matters a lot! Hope this helped you increase your blog subscriptions for free.

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