Why is it important to focus on mental health at work-place?

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Many us go through intense phases at or outside our work places that go unaddressed. So, did we ever consider taking out time for ourselves to understand the impacts? Know why a sound mental health is required at work places.

Mental health is as important as your physical health but do we do enough to keep it ‘healthy’? A good physique undergoing depression is as good as a building without ceiling! What steps do you take to cope with depression, work pressure or stress?

In today’s dynamic lifestyle of managing work, family and self, it is quite evident we miss out on focusing to keep the most important aspect healthy, which is none but ourselves.

If your mind is kept healthy and sound, it would have you going through all sort of difficult situations in a much more sorted way as compared to a stressed mind which will just keep you making irritated and hesitant while making it through the day.

So, coping up with work-place stress and spending quality time with your family in a relaxed state of mind don’t go hand in hand, isn’t it? Well, that’s not true! It all depends on how you manage things around you and there are ways to keep it going smooth, trust me 🙂

Here are some tips to keep your cool and be yourself at home but of course, at your will.

  1. Work pressure is everywhere and so is lack of motivation sometimes. You may have observed yourself slogging through your schedule and complete your work before deadline and yet there is no appreciation later. That just doesn’t feel right correct?

    Pat your shoulder, even if someone else doesn’t. Trust me that works and keeps you at ease.

2. Drink at least 2-3 L of water while being at work. Even if you don’t feel like or not thirsty, still you should. Water reduces the growth of stress hormones and keeps your mind comfortable during its continuous usage over hours.

3. Talk to your colleagues. Try to have lighter or small conversation while finishing your task. Ask them about weekend plans, talk about the latest popular movie, crack a healthy joke, etc. You will still be focused at your task while keeping the brain at ease.

4. Take breaks. Don’t compromise with your breaks even if it means getting your work delayed. I know it may sound silly for many but your body and mind need distractions after continuous hours of staring at the computer screen.

Eat a snack, have coffee/tea, splash your face with water if need be, scroll through social media, feel fresh and get back to where you left.

5. Got lot of work to complete and unable to wrap it up before leaving for the day?

Well, talk it out with your superiors or the stakeholders and keep them appraised of your work status 1-2 hours prior to the end of shift letting them know beforehand on the level of completion of your assigned task. Hopefully they would understand and if not, which would be the worst case scenario, please carry it back home/stretch at office and finish it because end of the day work is what we get paid for.

However, I do believe there’s an appropriate way to convey everything in order to convince even the toughest of people.

So, in case you are finishing work sitting late at night, please ensure not to allow frustration to settle down and instead complete it with a calm and cool mind. Unable to do so? Well, get up and force yourself to drink ample water, take deep breath and settle down to work.

6. Uncomfortable at workplace? Rumors of colleagues grumbling about you at your back?
Well, this may be common at any workplace and I wouldn’t encourage to keep quiet and feel bad about it for the rest of your day thinking negative about yourself and feeling low.

No! Please don’t say/write any such thing as above! Instead, before approaching management, make sure you are the subject of any negative discussion happening around you.

Confront your colleagues the next time you feel any such conversation might be going around about yourself. Ask them if there’s anything wrong with what you deliver? If there’s anything you could have done better? If there’s anything you could help them with and try to address any such gaps.

To which your colleagues may obviously reply-“we were not talking about you”.

Doesn’t matter, but your confrontation will develop a sense of guilt in them. Well, that’s human nature. If it still doesn’t get resolved, don’t hesitate to inform the management that such talks may demotivate you and impact your performance.

7. Office politics may as well impact your mental health and you would get depressed feeling low about your capabilities.

If you didn’t get what you deserved after a year’s hard work, it’s natural to get frustrated and demotivated. Talk to your seniors as to what impacted your growth after slogging through a year with high expectations.

If the answers they give you seem legit, you would be self-convinced and if the justification seems inappropriate or wrong, don’t stress out and instead look out for better opportunities outside. If your workplace doesn’t value your true worth, it’s time to find a better one because time and money are precious.

8. Once you are back home after work, be it been a tedious or a light day, always ensure to live the half day you’ve got because that’s your own. That’s what you had spent those hours back in office for.

Start with a small meditation, talk to your loved ones, go for a walk, order your favorite food-just do what makes you happy.


The bottom line of this post is, no matter whatever happens, don’t ever keep it just to yourself. Talk it out. It’s always okay to say NO.

Make others hear you out, let them know how you feel at work and how it impacts the other half of your day. Speaking or conveying to the right people is the key to kill depression and stress.

In case you disagree to any of my points above, please feel free to add your statements in the comments below 🙂

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