How to get Google AdSense approval for new blog or website?

These simple ways will guide you on the easiest, safest and the quickest path to get an Adsense approval for your new blog within 7 days!

Google Adsense is one of the most premium and the leading advertising company on which majority of website admins rely on to publish ads and monetize their content.


It offers a safe yet attractive platform of publishing ads that increases your chances of getting more clicks as compared to other advertising companies because of the way these high quality ads fit in within your posts and articles; so sometimes these appear to the viewer as a part of your content, thereby increasing the chances of clicks.

Google Adsense ads are of two types:

  • Personalised ads: Here, a visitor sees those ads which are based upon his/her previous browsing activities.

  • Non Personalised ads: Here, ads are generated in your website based on the content being read at that moment. In other words, a user sees contextual ads irrespective of his/her browsing history.

In this article, I’m not going to cover much about Google Adsense and why it’s the most desired company when it comes to publishing ads. Let’s focus on getting your website approved.

Several people fall prey to thinking Google Adsense approval can be achieved by paying some “experts” which is not true. There are no shortcuts to receiving an Adsense approval nor is there any “tips & tricks” to fool Google.

  • Google will consider placing ads on your website only if it finds any potential in your site and content to draw traffic in the long run. Which means, you need to have high quality content in your website that could attract regular visitors.

    Focus on your niche, find out what you are best at and that you would remain motivated and continue to post more about it in the future.

    Your Adsense approval depends on the quality of your posts and how presentable, neat and user-friendly your website/blog’s theme is.

  • You need not have too much words or content writing. For example, the first website that got me Google Adsense approval was my photography site in which I used to post my clicked photographs only and a link for visitors to purchase prints.

  • Ensure to post regularly. Your website should have periodic fresh content. There is as such no restrictions to publishing a certain number of posts before applying for Google Adsense approval but a healthy number as per me would be 10+.

  • The content you publish has to be your own. You may put external links in reference to your posts however the central matter has to be original to get fast Adsense approval.

  • Try conducting experiments with your content before applying for Adsense approval. I mean, share your posts and note the response you get in return. Observe, analyze and apply only when you see improvements.

  • Your website should have a registered domain name. Google sometimes, might consider approving as well however it’s always safer to have a registered domain before applying for Adsense approval. So, ensure to meet the above criteria before registering your domain.

  • Privacy Policy. Remember to add a page describing your site’s privacy policy information that would safeguard every visitor’s personal information while and after they leave your site. You may generate one from here.

  • About: Please ensure to add a page describing about yourself as the owner/author/creator/admin of that website and the purpose of the website, which must be descriptive and clear.

    A quick and fast Adsense approval depends on how clearly you explain the motive of your blog/website in clear and understandable sentences.

  • Contact: Lastly, add a page with your genuine contact details – email(must) and your phone number(optional). Also, add a form so that visitors could reach you. This is again mandatory and makes the Google reviewer feel the genuineness of your website/blog while providing Adsense approval.

  • Once you are confident that you meet all of the above criteria, sit back and relax while Google gets back to you (hopefully with an approval email) in the next few days(might take longer).

Your questions related to Adsense approval are welcome in comments and I shall answer each one of them 🙂

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5 thoughts on “How to get Google AdSense approval for new blog or website?”

  1. Ankit kumar – I am a professional Web / Software developer, B.Tech CSE, who has been working in PHP & CodeIgniter and WordPress for more than 2+ years and know it inside and out, including the creation of Web Apps, WordPress websites from scratch and their customization.

    You told all the steps to the point. I haven’t applied for Google Adsense because i don’t have 15+ , working on it.

    Pages you told – Home,about,contact, privacy policy

    What about disclaimer page ,is it necessary ??
    Because i read in other blog also.

    Waiting to hear from you soon.

    1. Admin – Bangalore, India – An avid traveler and blogger. Visit my website to know more about my work.

      Disclaimer need not be in a page, you may put a text widget at the footer of your blog and write your disclaimer there in case you want to mention about copyright disclaimer. But if you want to mention about cookies disclaimer, better put a widget in your sidebar that will by default show up at the bottom of the page whenever any visitor visits your blog.

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    1. Admin – Bangalore, India – An avid traveler and blogger. Visit my website to know more about my work.

      Hello Sangeeta, thanks for visiting. Adsense has nothing to do with Alexa ranking.

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