Reflections define you!

You are what surrounds you over the time.

Image clicked by Jayant Mandal at Bangalore, India

What do you think is the color of water? In schools, we were taught it is blue. Later we learnt it is due to the reflection of the sky that makes river/lake/sea water blue.

The sky has engulfed the water bodies ever since they existed and hence they reflect what’s upon them over the course of time.

Isn’t it quite similar to what our lives are? You must be thinking I am going to generalize my thoughts on everyone’s life but aren’t we what surrounds us?

At an earlier age, when I was a school goer, my encompassing weekly cycle of school-studies-friends-play-weekends-school was what used to define me as a student. My choice of friends and the innocent impact of their influencing company used to radiate through my behavior just like the blue color of the water due to the sky.

As we grew up, our thought processes improved. Our friends changed(not the best ones though) and we started to sort our priorities. Higher studies, the developing sense of competition and the ever growing circumstantial pressure of proving ourselves radiated from within us, just like the water bodies’ shimmering glow during sunrise and sunset-which are long enough to reflect different shining colors but are infact, temporary.

At a later stage of our lives, we all become almost stagnant when we enter our work-lives and the blue color of the water body returns.

The color of the lake is almost permanent unless the clouds make them darker or the sunrise makes them glow.

Much like these natural phenomena, we too achieve different milestones in between our everyday life and also go through tougher phases and radiate different forms of behavior but after sometime, the normalcy returns which engulfs us over the longer duration of our lives.

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