How do you manage your work-life balance?

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Simple life lesson honey-bees teach us on how we should spend our day at work and back home, being productive at both places!

Image clicked by Jayant Mandal at Bangalore, India

Honey bees are an excellent example of how and why we all should enjoy our day equally at work and home without missing out on either.

They fly from one flower to another, collecting pollen grains and nectar as food which can be stored over winters when it’s difficult for them to forage and there are fewer flowers to collect pollen from. Much like we spend a part of our day at work executing our plan with a hope of meeting deliverable before the deadline so that we don’t have to slog after work hours.

In the process of ‘working’ to collect pollen or nectar, they pollinate flowers and hence help indirectly in producing fruits. Just the same way by which we work with an intention to grow in regards to our career and earn money to secure our future.

But bees don’t continue to collect pollen for the entire day, indicating a pause to work until the next day and time arrive. Do you carry your work to home beyond work hours? Well, that imbalances your work-life equilibrium.

Honey bees spend the rest of their day together with their fellow bees or ‘families’ back in their hives where they produce and store honey in the process of preserving food for long time usage for every other bee in the same hive. When was the last time you enjoyed some quality time with your family after a hectic day at work?

So, are you going to try out the ‘honey bee style’ of maintaining a work-life balance from today? Either part of the day is important but overlapping one with another just cuts out the balance between your efforts and results causing stress.

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2 thoughts on “How do you manage your work-life balance?”

  1. Pallavi – I write on myriad of topics that tickle my fancy especially the ones pertaining to motherhood and womanhood through poetry and prose. Some of my pieces have featured on Go Dog Go Cafe, Whisper and Roar and Free Verse Revolution. Thank you for reading and joining me in this journey! Xo 💜

    Aaah..such a great message. Interesting analogy too. Never thought of honey bees like that – but like they say the greatest lessons can be learnt from the nature around us.

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