What life would have been without music?

Millions of different tunes and songs just make our lives a bit easier today, what if these weren’t there?

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Have you ever felt so depressed/tensed or worried enough that you have desperately looked for that comfortable shoulder near you to shed off all your worries temporarily?

It doesn’t feel right when that much required comfort isn’t available handy, isn’t it?

Music. It often works as that comfort for us whenever we plug those earphones in and enter our imaginary world where pain ceases for sometime and lets us take a glance at a feeling, so soothing that we sometimes tend to play the same song over and over again.

OK, let’s make this a bit lighter! It’s not always that depressed or gloomy feel which makes us cling to music.

Traveling back home on holidays via a long journey, jogging early morning, an evening stroll enjoying your own company or maybe just sitting beside the window admiring the rains outside, music steps in to make these moments even better and pleasant.

This post isn’t about the details on different kinds of music or listeners, but the importance and need of it that we have unknowingly clung on to so much in today’s era of work-stress and depression that without it, there’s no getting along!

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